Pay Equity Between Men's and Women's Tennis is Pure Communism

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Pay Equity Between Men's and Women's Tennis is Pure Communism
(Photo by AELTC/Bob Martin via Getty Images)

The decision for the slams to pay the men's and women's tournaments means that Bolshevism has returned after 20 years of death. 

Roger is holding up that trophy, while Serena is holding a large plate.  Why are they not holding up the same trophy?  They now have equal pay.  Why don't they hoist the same trophy?

Why do women not wear the same clothing as men?  All things being equal, there should be a standard uniform. 

Why is Roger Federer being claimed to be the greatest tennis player when as Sergey Zhikov explains, Martina Navratilova has won way more slams in singles, doubles, mixed doubles etc etc?  Should she not be the GOAT? 

This article does not support keeping the women's salary lower based on any discrimination based on sex.  If there is inequity between the two circuits then that is to be reflected in the pay. 

If the pay is to be the same, why isn't the ranking systems the same?  The game formats are different (women play best of three in the slams, men play the best of five) so why is the pay the same. 

The simple answer is communism.  It is making a comeback.  Well, not really.  I just introduced that to make a point. 

However, this move is a clear PC (political correctness) move guided to appeal to those who bear the guilt of the sins of the past. 

The simple question to ask:

If both groups are being paid the same, are they in fact the same?  Is the tennis level the same?  Is the format the same? 

If the answer is no to any of these questions then there is a different discrimination happening here.

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