Building a Dynasty Featuring Sting (Part 1)

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Building a Dynasty Featuring Sting (Part 1)

By popular demand I present the return of Building a Dynasty. Although it was just here I say return as I did not plan on continuing the series but many of you (readers) enjoyed the pieces so much that I decided to make it an official series of mine.

So every piece will feature another superstar who has built up an epic career and has won prestigious gold along the way.

In this piece I will highlight none other than the ICON Sting….

Hope you all enjoy.

Scorpions are deadly, venomous creatures that can strike, capture and eventually kill their pray.

No wonder why Steve Borden (Sting) picked this role as he does it so well….

As he strikes, captures (Scorpion death lock), and eventually kills his opponents to tap into ultimate submission.

When it comes to prestigious titles Sting is not new to the block of Gold Avenue.

The ICON has been around years putting on great matches and feuds that will live in true wrestling fans minds and hearts for years to come.

Sting is probably one of the few wrestlers that will be remembered for generations to come.

There is a reason why as Sting keeps on proving he still has it even in the wacky world that is of TNA Wrestling. But hey he dealt with worse being part of WCW in all.

But even with TNA on his resume and never attending in a WWE/F ring some in WWE still would consider cementing his legacy in the WWE Hall of Fame.


Steve Borden almost never became Sting as he had lack of interest in the pro wrestling world.

Steve was focused on body building but that didn’t stop Red Bastien from recruiting the young stud of a talent.

Steve who would eventually become Sting would surrender to Red Bastien’s slick recruiting skills as Steve would become the fourth member of Power team USA.

Before becoming the scorpion Sting he would debut as Flash Borden.

He would team with Jim Hellwig at the time none as Rock but better none as The Ultimate Warrior to become the team of (Blade Runners).

Two former body builders seem to make up an unstoppable unique team and unique they were as they came out with face paint to live up to the gimmick even more.

But the teaming of the two would not last long as Hellwig (Ultimate Warrior) would soon leave the UWF to jump ship to WCC to become the “Dingo Warrior”

Sting was left to all on his own that is till he turned “baby-face” and teamed up with Rick Steiner to claim the UWF Tag Team Titles.

Soon after a merger between UWF and NWA would tag place and simply would be known as NWA.

Sting was set to become a superstar in pro wrestling as he was the only UWF veteran that would be pushed in NWA.

Upon entering NWA we would see a glimpse of probably one of the greatest feuds and pro wrestling history.

Sting and Flair would do battle at Clash of the Champions for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Sting would end up losing and would continue the trend on a few televised events.

After losing to Ric Flair on a hand full of occasions he would go back to tag action and team with Nikita Koloff.

At the Great American Bash they would challenge for the NWA World Tag Team Titles against the champs Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson.

The match ended in a 20-minute draw.

It seemed Sting could not capture the gold in NWA but Sting was still booked in title matches throughout the year.

He would take on the NWA United States Champion & NWA Television Champion Barry Windham & Mike Rutundo.

Still not being able to capture the gold Sting was then set to take on the Road Warriors.

Rhodes wanted to turn the Rhode Warriors into heels the only way he figured of doing so is having the deadly duo attack the biggest face in the company Sting.

Dusty Rhodes & Sting would team up at Starcade ’88 to take on the Road Warriors for the NWA World Tag Team belts they would win by disqualification but wouldn’t capture the belts.

He would return to solo competition and finally get some NWA gold he was striving for.

Sting would beat Mike Rutundo for the NWA World Television Title

Sting would go on to defend the belts against great competitors like Iron Sheik and even a classic battle with The Great Muta at (The Great American Bash)

The Sting Vs Muta feud would continue and would eventually have Muta regain the NWA World Television Title back at The Great American Bash ’89.


The same at The Great American Bash in the main event that was scheduled Ric Flair would go one on one with Terry Funk.

Flair would end up getting the win but his victory would not be celebrated just yet as Muta who is aligned with J-Tex Corporation attacked Flair.

Sting would show is Superman abilities as he came out to save the defenseless Flair.

The two would bound and would put the past in the review mirror and would team to feud with Muta & Funk.

They would continue to feud throughout the rest of the summer and into the fall which led to a climax in a Thunder Dome Cage Match (could not find an exact link to the match but here is an example).

The teaming of Flair & Sting would prove to be a better team as they beat Funk & Muta in the Thunder Dome Cage Match at Halloween Havoc ’98.

The unlikely pair would spark a friendship and would lead to Sting joining the Four Horseman with Flair, Ole & Arn Anderson.

But like always good things can’t last forever as Sting won the round robin Ironman Tournament at Starrcade ’98.

The Horsemen had no other choice than to boot Sting out of group as he would not give up his title shot he earned against Flair.

But Flair Vs Sting was put on the back burner as Sting suffered a legit knee injury in a cage match at Clash of the Champions X: Texas Shootout.

But Sting would continue to be an on role character although being injured and would renew his friendship with Lex Luger.

This would lead Luger to take on Flair. Luger would not capture the title but was warring down Flair as Sting was pre paring for his return.

Sting would finally make his long awaited return and would finally take on Flair in their much anticipated match up at (The Great American Bash '90)

As he finally captured the big gold belt Sting couldn’t celebrate to long as he was set to face some “Vicious” competition.

Sting would than take on Sid Vicious or so we thought as Barry Windham was posing as the ICON while Vicious got the win.

But the real Sting appeared after the pin fall and the match was restarted for Sting to retain his belt Halloween Havoc.

Soon after Sting would meet a fellow Scorpion well the "The Black Scorpion" that is.

After playing tricks and doing sneak attacks on Sting the Black Scorpion would finally be revealed at Starrcade: Collision Course.

Ric Flair was the one behind the non sense.


Okay this concludes Part 1, Part 2 will be published soon so stay posted.



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