Tweeters you should follow!

William Del PilarContributor IJuly 16, 2009

Those who read my blogs know I’ve come to enjoy Twitter. If you’re a fantasy football buff, here are some Tweeters I’ve come across, and these are just initial thoughts, as I myself am still new to being active on Twitter.

The three best out there right now who seem to be getting into and enjoying Twitter as well as breaking news:

  1. Adam Schefter: @Adam_Schefter - I’ve knocked Schefter at times, and for those who believe I judge people too harshly, they’re right. We all do, as it’s human nature, and anyone who states otherwise is lying. However, I’m always willing and looking to change my opinion because people can surprise you, and Schefter has given good info since leaving the NFL Network. In the end, you can and should always keep an open mind! What I’m realizing: The thing with Twitter, you begin to get to know people a little better simply by following their conversations. Schefter is reporting and conversing via Twitter.
  2. Pro Football Talk: @ProFootballTalk – Love him or hate him, Mike Florio has built a name for himself. He stays on top of the news, and though his analysis can be off at times, he reports the news in a breaking or timely manner, and that’s what fantasy players want!
  3. Adam Caplan: @caplannfl - My friend Adam has worked as hard as anyone I know on his trade, and I’m proud to say I’ve seen him turn the corner from fantasy player and analyst to NFL analyst. He gets you the numbers of contracts, lets you know what’s happening and rarely misses anything. As I saw somewhere: Follow his Tweets and stay on top of the NFL!

The rest of the ones I’m enjoying and following:

  • Chris Mortensen: @mortreport - Now we all know who Mort is and how valuable his data is. Nothing needs to be explained here. I’m a huge fan of his and have been for years, as have millions of others.
  • ESPN NFL: @espnnfl - Not sure if they’re breaking news, but they have good links to articles about the news at hand.
  • Football Outsiders: @fb_outsiders - I’ve always been impressed with this group and how they put their numbers together. I’m just not always in agreement with how they interpret those numbers. A stats geek does not make a fantasy football winner, but that’s on all of us. Obviously I’ve missed with my own analysis at times. I enjoy and envy their work as they come up with statistical breakdowns I relish. I plan on reading their latest almanac and so should you! Maybe I can get them to send me a copy … LOL. Seriously, buy it!
  • Gregg Rosenthal: @greggrosenthal - I’ve always enjoyed his work as he’s a solid analyst and breaks things down from a very logical perspective. My type of writer.
  • Peter King: @SI_PeterKing - King doesn’t have much of a clue on fantasy football and admitted as such in a column last year, but his column at SI is great and I’m looking forward to seeing what he Tweets about.
  • Michael Lombardi: @michaelombardi - He has tons of first-hand experience with the NFL. I’m looking forward to seeing what he has to Tweet about, too. He Tweets on major events but nothing breaking.
  • Warren Sapp: @QBKILLA - He’s a conversationalist on here and talks to various players via Twitter. For now just interesting conversations to follow. Nothing more, nothing less, but you can pick up a lot of NFL players by following his Tweets.
  • Jamie Dukes: @jamiedukes - He’s like Sapp, a conversationalist, but he’ll give his take on a situation. I enjoy his Tweets. He’s another analyst I wasn’t too fond of until I started following him.
  • Rich Eisen: @richeisen - For those who remember, a few years ago I did fantasy segments on his show, “NFL Total Access.” He can be a bit of a smart aleck (in a good way). He always treated Ryan R. Bonini and me very well. He’s like Sapp and Dukes, right, a conversationalist with his Tweets, but he’s Eisen, and he can be funny at times. His account was hacked into recently and the hacker let the world know he was “horny.” The dangers of social networking!
  • Sports Business Journal: @SBJSBD - For those in the business of sports, you have to follow the trade publication. They’re solid reporters, and while it’s not fantasy related, it should be on your reading list if you’re in the sports industry. I read it weekly!

Make sure you follow the first three I mentioned along with my own Twitter account. I tend to post what’s happening in a breaking or timely manner and point you to decent links outside the KFFL world that should help you win your leagues. Follow me at