How Sin Cara and Kalisto Can Replace Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistAugust 30, 2014

Alberto Del Rio is gone, and all signs point to Rey Mysterio leaving WWE when his contract expires. This leaves a big vacuum in the Latino Superstars category, but WWE has two luchadores already in their employ who can help ease the pain.

For the older fans, there will never be anyone else like Mysterio. He came up through ECW, broke down barriers in WCW and became a World champion in WWE.

There's no point in ignoring the mark he's left on the business, but there's also no point in pretending that someone else can't come along who is just as good.

Mysterio is a legend, and Del Rio is on his way to becoming one, but the great thing about the wrestling business is that there is always someone new to take the place of someone who has left.

We have to face facts. Mysterio is prone to injury and is not nearly as spry as he used to be. Del Rio still has plenty left in the tank, but his character was growing stale.

Sin Cara and NXT star Kalisto may not be able to replace Mysterio and Del Rio in our hearts, but they can definitely replace them in the ring.


Wrestling Ability

The original Sin Cara, played by Luis Urive, blew his shot at stardom in WWE by being sloppy in the ring and getting injured way too often. Ever since Jorge Arias took over the role, there hasn't been a new push for the character, which is the problem.

Arias is far more reliable when it comes to the big moves than his predecessor ever was, but he also proved during his time as Hunico that he has the aggression necessary to be a heel if needed.

Kalisto, on the other hand, is still working his way up the ranks in NXT, but he's shown that he has all the necessary traits to be a big hit on the main roster.

He's really good at the high-flying moves and knows how to work at a fast pace very well. Mysterio has been slowing down for years, but Kalisto is still firing on all cylinders.

If you've never seen him in NXT, you should really check out some of his work. This guy has everything you could want in a lucha libre star. He can fly with the best, and he can go to the mat and wrestle.

These two men still have bright careers ahead of them; they just need someone to give them a chance to succeed.



The amount of merchandise Sin Cara sells is disproportionately high compared to his level of success. You still see kids in the crowd wearing his mask, even if he hasn't been on Raw or SmackDown in months. This clearly indicates a desire to see more of him, especially with the younger fans.

The traditional lucha libre mask definitely makes him popular with the kids, but his overall appeal is that he can do all the exciting high-flying moves grown-up fans used to see on a weekly basis in WCW.

Kalisto also has the cool mask that can be sold at a huge markup, but his greatest assets are his underdog qualities. He's a bit smaller, just like Mysterio. This means that WWE has another wrestler it can book as a giant killer.

However, the one thing these two have working for them that nobody else has is their appeal to the Hispanic market. WWE likes to claim to be diverse, but without Del Rio and Mysterio, they lose most of the Latino star power.

The growing Hispanic population in the United States is something every company is trying to appeal to, and WWE is no different. They will need some time to get over with the crowd, but when they do, they could be the thing that makes WWE even more popular with Latino viewers.

Many people are aware of Arias' background in Mexico, but some fans may not be as familiar with Kalisto's work under the name Samuray Del Sol. He made a name for himself all over the world as one of the most exciting prospects in the industry.

We all know WWE doesn't like to acknowledge accomplishments outside its own company, but it would be wise to capitalize off the popularity these two have under their more famous names.


Tag Team Potential

Sin Cara and Kalisto have been teaming up in NXT ever since Ricardo Rodriguez was released, and they could very well be the ones who take the NXT Tag Team Championship from The Ascension.

This could breathe new life into the Sin Cara character, as well as give Kalisto some great exposure. If their recent outings as a team have proven anything, it's that these two know how to excite the crowd.

The WWE tag team division is a strange beast. It was built up in 2013 by adding several new teams, but 2014 has seen more teams break up rather than get together.

Bringing Kalisto and Sin Cara into the mix would make for some great new matchups with existing teams such as The Usos and Los Matadores.

Once they run their course as a tag team, one of them turns heel, and we end up witnessing one of the best high-flying feuds we've seen in years.

Hopefully, WWE doesn't wait too long to bring them up to the main roster together. The division has some great teams, but we've seen just about every matchup it has to offer. It's time to bring in some new blood.


Everyone is Replaceable to the Younger Generation

Mysterio and Del Rio weren't going to be around forever. Many of the people reading this may be saying, "Nobody can ever replace Rey Mysterio." But what those people may not realize is that younger fans make up the majority of the crowd, and they don't care about Mysterio's legacy.

Kids care about who is most appealing right now, not who has the most storied history. Give it a few years, and you won't even see a single Mysterio mask in the crowd.

As for Del Rio, he wasn't even a well-known name in the United States to begin with. You had to follow Mexican wrestling to know who he was. He had a good run in WWE, but it wasn't legendary.

He will go back to Mexico and be a hero in the country that made him famous, but young American fans will forget he ever existed once someone new comes along who can do the same things Del Rio did.

This is not a knock on Del Rio. He is arguably one of the greatest technical wrestlers of this generation, but young people are extremely fickle. All they want is instant gratification, which means they won't be crying over the loss of Del Rio or Mysterio if WWE gives them something to fill the void.

Kalisto and Sin Cara could be the right men for the job. They just need an opportunity to show what they are capable of.

What do you think? Do Sin Cara and Kalisto have what it takes to fill the gap left by Mysterio and Del Rio? Should they be brought in as a team, or would they do better on their own?


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