Something Special Is Brewing in Athens

Brennen SCorrespondent IJuly 9, 2009

ATHENS, GA - OCTOBER 11: The Georgia Bulldogs huddle on the field before the game against the Tennessee Volunteers at Sanford Stadium on October 11, 2008 in Athens, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Call me an optimist, call me a dreamer, call me crazy but I've got a feeling about this upcoming season that I didn't even feel last year when I was convinced that the Bulldogs would be National Champions.

I'm tired of all the negativity surrounding Georgia Football. I'm sick and tired of having to read articles and comments that completely bash the football program, and I have decided to address the most common accusation that I see: "The Georgia Bulldogs are OVERRATED."

Every time I read those words, my red and black blood boils. How can anyone say that a team that has won 82 games, two SEC and Sugar Bowl Championships, and finished in the Top 10 five times over the past eight years is overrated?

The Georgia Bulldogs deserved and deserve all the national spotlight they can get (which isn't much to begin with). Say all you want about the preseason No. 1 bull because I'm over it. A new team of Bulldogs will be charging the field in 2009.

The players have a new attitude and work ethic this season. Senior cornerback Prince Miller and the other players have all agreed that "...a 10-win season isn’t good enough anymore. We all want to win SEC and National Championships."

This excites me to no end because the Bulldog Nation will never get those championships unless the players WANT them.

I will post some of the players' quotes about the new team at the end of this article, but they are all very encouraging. There is a new attitude in the Georgia locker attitude of champions.

The 2009 squad has more than enough ability and desire to do big things this season, and whether it be an SEC championship, a BCS championship, or even a National Championship, those of us that live and breath Georgia football can go to sleep at night knowing that these guys played their hearts out every game.

So, regardless of the actual outcome of this season, I will cheer on the men that proudly wear the red and black. Go Dawgs!

Here are some encouraging quotes from the players:

"Everybody is here to compete, and everybody is here to win...You can see leaders emerging in all classes. We're not going through the same problems we had last year."—Demarcus Dobbs

"Everything we do is relentless, but it's going to be disciplined at the same time."—Rennie Curran

"Our focus now and our attitude now is outstanding." - Mark Richt

"The (coaches) just want us to be one of those elite programs in the country...the coaches are really pushing us to move this program forward." - Prince Miller