Why Are People Still Chanting CM Punk's Name?

Chris Featherstone@@CraveWrestlingFeatured ColumnistJuly 31, 2014


There is no dispute that CM Punk is a good wrestler. He proved many times in WWE, and also in Ring of Honor, that he can put on some classics. His mic work is quite stellar, too, as he magnetically garners support from the legions of fans chanting his name, enamored by his cause.

So, what's the problem here? This sounds like someone we should have no complaints about, right?

Wrong. Absolutely wrong.

What I forgot to mention is the fact that he is a quitter. Not because of some scandalous accusation in which he was better off leaving the company. At least not that we know of.

Not because he was getting old and stayed past his welcome. He was only 35 when he left; Bret Hart was 35 when he won his first WWE Championship.

Not because he had a major injury that he just couldn't shake. Nope, no reports of that.

According to Power Slam Magazine (via Christopher Olmstead of Wrestling News Depot), it's partly because he was dissatisfied with his direction and felt like he would never be WWE's top guy.

Did Shawn Michaels quit when he had to be JBL's lackey? Did the Undertaker quit after he controversially "sacrificed" Stephanie and got negative feedback? Did the Rock quit after he lost to Hurricane Helms? Did HHH quit after he got pinned by the Brooklyn Brawler? No, no, no and no.

Yet people still cheer for someone who quit. 


That logic baffles me. It's like someone working for an employer, making oodles of money and then one day saying, "I am not happy with things around here...I quit!"

He was not dissatisfied because he was not fairly recognized. In fact, he was employee of the month for over 14 months. It wasn't because he did not get a raise. He's probably well off in the financial department. However, it was because he had a sad face regarding his position within the company and couldn't take it anymore.


So, can someone please help me with this? I am astonished that so many people still chant for someone who quit the company, as if it is a rally cry to change his mind. It's been over six months now, and chances are that CM Punk doesn't give a crap about anyone who chants his name. Moreover, it certainly isn't doing anything to move WWE executives to dial Phil's number. He quit, remember?

Even Mrs. Brooks (AJ Lee) looks disturbed when she hears it from the WWE Universe.

I'll be patiently waiting for logical responses to this question. In the meantime, one thing I will not be doing is chanting for CM Punk.


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