Dirk Kuyt's Top 10 Liverpool Moments

Elko Born@@Elko_BContributor IJuly 28, 2014

Dirk Kuyt's Top 10 Liverpool Moments

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    SCOTT HEPPELL/Associated Press

    This summer, Dirk Kuyt returned to the international spotlight by playing a prominent role in the Netherlands' successful World Cup campaign.

    In Brazil, Kuyt played as a left-back, a right-back and as a striker, and doubtlessly, his performances reminded Liverpool fans everywhere of his tireless work rate.

    Kuyt, who played for Liverpool from 2006 until 2012, had been an important player for the Merseyside club, and although his style of play wasn't always spectacular, it was usually influential. 

    Here, we take a look at Kuyt's top 10 moments in a Liverpool shirt. 

10. Debut Goal Against Newcastle United

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    Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

    In 2006, Kuyt scored his very first goal for Liverpool in a league match against Newcastle United.

    Having come on as a substitute, he appeared on the receiving end of a cross delivered by full-back Steve Finnan. 

    This was his first, but many would follow. 

9. Winner Against Manchester City

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    Alex Livesey/Getty Images

    In 2008, Liverpool and Manchester City were drawing a Premier League clash 2-2. 

    But in injury time, Kuyt scored the winning goal, ensuring an all-important 3-2 victory for Liverpool. 

    Seeing as Liverpool had already come back from being 2-0 behind, it was one of the most impressive comeback fights Kuyt has ever been involved in. 

8. Champions League Goal Against Arsenal

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    Of course, league goals are important, but few things are as exciting as scoring in the knockout phase of the Champions League. 

    In 2008's quarter-final against Arsenal, Kuyt scored Liverpool's only away goal, setting things up nicely for the second leg—which Liverpool would go on to win 4-2. 

    The goal illustrated one of Kuyt's main strengths: He can handle pressure and perform when it's most needed. 

7. Winner Against Manchester United

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    Tim Hales/Associated Press

    In 2012, during Liverool's fourth-round FA Cup match against rivals Manchester United, Kuyt scored one of his most important and memorable goals ever. 

    With the score being 1-1, he slotted the ball past United's goalkeeper David de Gea in the 88th minute. 

    A winning goal in the FA Cup is memorable. A winning goal in the FA Cup against your team's big nemesis is legendary. 

6. Goal Against Inter

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    PAUL THOMAS/Associated Press

    In 2008, Kuyt scored the first goal in Liverpool's first round-of-16 match against Inter in the Champions League. 

    Steven Gerrard scored to make it 2-0 minutes later, but who knows what would have happened without Kuyt's goal.

    The best goals aren't always the most beautiful. Sometimes, they are just important. 

5. Carling Cup Silverware

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    Tim Hales/Associated Press

    In 2012, Kuyt scored a goal at Wembley during extra time of the final of the Carling Cup against Cardiff City.

    It looked destined to be the winning goal at the time, but Cardiff managed to equalise only a couple of minutes later. 

    During the shoutout that followed, Kuyt stepped up and converted a penalty.

    It's always good to win a final, but for Kuyt, this particular final was truly memorable. 

4. Champions League Goal Against Chelsea

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    MATT DUNHAM/Associated Press

    In 2008, Liverpool and Chelsea faced each other in the semi-final of the Champions League. In the first leg, Kuyt scored the opening goal.

    The goal itself wasn't that spectacular, but it perfectly displayed the qualities Kuyt is often praised for: His tireless work ethic and his never-say-die attitude.

3. Two Against Everton

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    Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

    How do you win the hearts and minds of the supporters whose club you've just joined? Well, a good idea would be to score twice against one of the club's biggest rivals.

    In 2007, Kuyt did exactly that by converting two penalties against Everton

    Thanks to Kuyt's goals, Liverpool won the match 2-1. 

2. Deciding Penalty Against Chelsea

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    DAVE THOMPSON/Associated Press

    In 2007, Liverpool made it to the final of the Champions League, in no small part thanks to Dirk Kuyt.

    During a riveting semi-final against Chelsea, it was the Dutchman who converted the winning penalty in an all-decisive shoutout.

    Never one to walk away from his responsibility, Kuyt took and converted a spot-kick during the semi-final of the World Cup in Brazil as well.

    Unfortunately, his team still lost, but Kuyt's willingness to step up once again illustrated his selflessness. 

1. Hat-Trick Against Manchester United

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    Alex Livesey/Getty Images

    Granted, most of his goals were tap-ins, and Kuyt had Luis Suarez's amazing dribbling and shooting skills to thank for his goals.

    But there is nothing better than putting three past your biggest rivals, and for that reason, Kuyt's hat-trick against Manchester United in 2011 is No. 1 in this ranking.

    Kuyt might not have won his club any silverware that day, but Liverpool fans are unlikely to forget his—and his team-mates'—performance that day.

    Who said Kuyt wasn't a spectacular footballer?