If it Wasn't for the Williams' Sisters, Where Would American Tennis Be?

Stacey MicklesCorrespondent IIJuly 5, 2009

28 Mar 2002:  Venus Williams, left, congratulates her sister Serena Williams at the net after their match during the Nasdaq-100 Open at The Tennis Center at Crandon Park in Miami, Florida. DIGITAL IMAGE Mandatory Credit: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

While we are giving thanks this Fourth of July weekend for our freedom, let's pause and be grateful that American Tennis is still alive and well because of the Williams' sisters.

For the eighth time yesterday, Venus and Serena Williams played against each other with Serena winning her third Wimbledon Title.

Serena leads the series between the two 6-2. I know there are a lot of naysayer’s who cannot stand either sister and I can't quite understand why.

If it wasn't for them, they would be no great American tennis players. Back in the day you had, Connors, McEnroe, Evert, Sampras, and Agassi to carry the American tennis banner, but if it wasn't for Venus and Serena, where would American tennis be today?

And before someone mentions Andy Riddick's name, I know he did well today in the Men's Final, but he still cannot seem to get passed Nadal or Federer to win championships. Until he does that, he will be the third best player in men's tennis.

Oh and James Blake? Blake shows up when he wants to usually it's around U.S. Open time. Venus and Serena are the only two great American tennis figures we have like it or not. When they are on their game as they showed the last few days, they are unstoppable. They not only faced each other this weekend in the Wimbledon Finals, but as a double's team won the championship as well this weekend.

They are American tennis right now.

Serena has won her second Grand Slam this year, her first being the Australian Open earlier and had she played well in the French Open, we'd be talking about her going for a sweep in New York in September.

Had Venus won, this would have been her third straight Wimbledon Title. When is the last time ANY woman has done that in recent years. Now, I've heard and seen this week on Twitter how some American's dislike the sister's so much that they were pulling for the Russians to be in the Finals.

I have nothing against Russian tennis players, but these are AMERICANS people and we should be grateful that these two can still hold up that banner proudly. Yes, they can be arrogant, but most great athletes are. Name one athlete who isn't cocky about their abilities and I bet dimes to doughnuts that player has yet to win a title.

These women are the best of the best and it's a shame that we as American's sometimes we don't appreciate that. We better enjoy Venus and Serena while we can because once they are gone, the future looks bleak for American tennis.