Wimbledon Dreams: Murray Stumbles, Roddick Shines!

Mitch DeppCorrespondent IJuly 4, 2009

WIMBLEDON, ENGLAND - JULY 03:  Andy Roddick of USA celebrates during the men's singles semi final match against Andy Murray of Great Britain on Day Eleven of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on July 3, 2009 in London, England.  (Photo by Pool/Getty Images)

From the Queen down to John Bull, the everyday Brit, it was a grey day indeed. It was said that when it was Henman, they hoped he would win. With Murray they expected him to win! Well, it was not to be. Nobody gave my man Andy Roddick a chance.

Tickets were already sold out at 20,000 pounds a seat for an historic Federer - Murray final at the Open! Maybe it was just that, people writing off the American as if he were this tiny insignificant obstacle to the finals, which spurred this hard working, hard hitting fighter on!

Poor Murray, the weight of an entire Kingdom on his shoulders. He was playing so very well. Well enough to give Roger a hard time many believed. Maybe, just maybe the pressure to be the first Royal subject to reach the Wimby finals since 1936 was just too much.

I'm sure everybody is saying what I am about to say next, surely because it is true, but Murray is young and all so very good. Dealing with this pressure will someday be a thing of the past. His day will come. Maybe at the US or Australia and maybe even at Roland Garros. Wimbledon for sure. Without a doubt, his day will come.

The big story though is Andy Roddick. Everybody knew it would be Federer at the finals. Nobody thought it could be Roddick. This guy has been hanging around, waiting for his chance. An American in a Grand Slam final! It's been quite some time I believe.

Third time in the finals against his old nemesis. Since the advent of Nadal, Djokovich plus a slew of other up and comers, Roddick has so rudely been cast aside as an almost has been. Even the great Jimmy Connors couldn't raise A. Rod to greatness again. Come Sunday, he will finally get a chance at revenge. This most probably was one of the biggest motivating factors for Roddick's hanging around, a chance to get back at probably the best tennis player ever, Roger Federer!

Realistically speaking though, it will be one tough uphill battle for Roddick all the way. Federer is Federer, already established as the greatest man to swing a tennis racket ever. Obviously, Andy Roddick will have to play out of his skin superb tennis, better than he has ever played to get near Federer. Federer is just too talented a striker, Roddick is not.

I have seen many times before though where plain hard work has overcome a better opponent. Roddick will have to serve flawlessly, unbreakable to stay in the match then pick at Federer's service games and wait for opportunities to present themselves. Should Roger stumble, Andy must be up to the challenge to capitalize.

So, will it be Roger's 6th Wimbledon, Roger's 3rd against Andy in Wimbledon finals and Roger's record breaking 15th slam title? Or will it be the hungry American's 1st at the Open. Will Andy Roddick finally gain his claim to tennis greatness and be finally be spoke of in the same lines as Connors or McEnroe? We will have to wait and see although everything seems to be going Federer's way.

This Wimbledon Final 2009 most probably will too. One thing's for sure though, this time Roddick will not go down without a fight. This time Roddick will be here to win it. Third time's the charm? Although he ended the British dream, Roddick is very popular and one of the most charismatic players on the tour today. Although at Wimbledon Roger is king, in the people's hearts and minds, the underdog is always king.