The Most Decision-Heavy Fighters in UFC History

Tim McTiernan@tmt2393Correspondent IMay 15, 2014

The Most Decision-Heavy Fighters in UFC History

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    Decisions can sometimes be looked at with a negative stigma when it comes to MMA. Fighters who excessively earn decisions usually don't win the admiration of fans, although sometimes they do earn their walking papers.

    A fight that goes the full 15—or 25 minutes—can be a grueling affair for either fighter. Some guys are great at fighting the full distance, and some just can't handle it.

    With that in mind, let's take a look at the fighters who have gone to the judges the most, fighters who are some of the toughest warriors to ever step in the Octagon.

9 Decisions

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    Fighters Tied:

    • BJ Penn
    • Rafael dos Anjos
    • Gray Maynard
    • Spencer Fisher
    • Matt Serra
    • Karo Parisyan
    • Michael Bisping
    • Lyoto Machida
    • Stephan Bonnar

    There are nine fighters sitting with nine decision wins. The most successful has been Gray Maynard, with a total record of 8-0-1 in decisions and the one draw coming in his title fight with Frankie Edgar at UFC 125.

    BJ Penn has the most fights of anyone with nine decisions, as Penn has 22 total fights in the UFC. His record in decisions is 1-6-2.

    Karo Parisyan has the least number of UFC fights for anyone with nine decisions, with 13. His record in decisions was 6-2 (one no-contest).

10 Decisions

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    Fighters Tied:

    • Jeremy Stephens
    • Nik Lentz
    • Tyson Griffin
    • Josh Koscheck
    • Demian Maia
    • Yushin Okami

    There are six fighters with 10 decisions, spread out through four divisions. The most successful is no longer in the UFC, though, as Yushin Okami was 8-2 in his 10 decisions.

    After Okami is Nik Lentz, with a record of 7-2-1 in 10 decisions. Lentz is also tied with Tyson Griffin for fewest fights and 10 decisions, at 14 fights.

    Least successful of this bunch is Demian Maia, who has a record of 5-5 in his 10 decisions.

    Josh Koscheck has the most number of fights for anyone with 10 decisions, with 23.

11 Decisions

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    Fighters Tied:

    • Clay Guida
    • Rick Story
    • Chris Lytle
    • Tito Ortiz
    • Rashad Evans

    There are five fighters with 11 decisions, three of whom are still active in the UFC.

    The retired two are Tito Ortiz and Chris Lytle. Ortiz had 11 decisions through 27 fights and had a record of 5-5-1 in those decisions. Lytle had 20 fights and 11 decisions, but he came away with a poor record of 3-8 in the decisions.

    The most successful is Rashad Evans, with a record of 8-2-1 in his 11 decisions.

    Rick Story has the highest number of total fights in the UFC, with 15. His record in decisions is 6-5.

12 Decisions

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    Fighters Tied:

    • Georges St-Pierre
    • Frankie Edgar

    I bet you weren't expecting to see GSP anywhere except No. 1. However, St-Pierre does not have the most decisions in the UFC; that distinction belongs to another man.

    St-Pierre had 12 decisions in 21 UFC fights and had a perfect record of 12-0. His most recent decision win came over Johny Hendricks. Afterwards, he announced a hiatus from MMA.

    Frankie Edgar also has 12 decisions, and he got all of his in just 15 UFC fights. His overall record in decisions is 7-4-1. He lost three straight in 2012 and the beginning of 2013, and all three of those were decision losses.

13 Decisions

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    Fighters Tied:

    • Gleison Tibau
    • Jon Fitch

    Jon Fitch. You had to know he was going to show up here.

    Fitch was released from the UFC in February of last year following another fight that went to a decision. Although, he did lose this one.

    Overall, Fitch had 18 fights in the UFC, and 13 went to a decision. His record in those decisions was 10-2-1, with the two losses coming to Georges St-Pierre and Demian Maia and the draw coming against BJ Penn.

    The other fighter with 13 decisions is current lightweight Gleison Tibau. Tibau has had 21 fights in the UFC dating all the way back to 2006. In that time, he's had 13 fights go to decision, and he has a record of 8-5 in those fights.

14 Decisions

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    Fighters Tied:

    • Sam Stout
    • Diego Sanchez

    These two are here to prove that decisions aren't always bad. Between the two of them, they've earned 13 Fight of the Night Awards (12 in decisions) and three Fight of the Year Awards (they were all Diego.)

    Sam Stout first fought for the UFC back in 2006 and has fought only for the UFC since 2008. Through all that time, Stout has had 18 fights, 14 of which went to decision. He has an 8-6 record in decisions.

    The other top decision-getter is the middleweight winner of The Ultimate Fighter, Diego Sanchez. Sanchez has had 20 fights in his UFC career, ranging from middleweight to lightweight and had 14 decisions. In his decisions, he is also 8-6.