Temptation: C.C. Sabathia's Life in Vanity Fair

Tony DiTonto-Grethel@itsuncletonyCorrespondent IApril 28, 2008


Vanity Fair.

An allegorical city conceived in literature during the 17th century. A representation of all that is evil, and what is related to all devilish things.

Temptation, Lies, Cheating: Only a few of the many unfortunate burdens that have come across baseball in the modern era.


Let's go back to the story of The Pilgrim's Progress, the birthplace to Vanity Fair, and one of the greatest pieces of literature ever written.

We begin with Christian, who is the protagonist of our story.

Christian is a man that everyone can relate to, as he is burdened by sin that he receives from reading the Bible. The sin that is put upon him is what would be the cause of bringing him, or any other person, into the depths of Hell's devilish, yet tempted ways.

Unlike many around him, Christian sees beyond the strong temptations of the devil, and is drawn to the "shining light". In the story, the name of this destination is known as Wicket's Gate.

While Christian is set upon reaching his goal, sin and temptation causes him to get psi-tracked from his personal goals. But after being redirected to the path of justice, Christian stays devoted to his mission and continues upon his quest.

Christian eventually accomplishes his goal, but the stories continues...


Though I won't continue to sound like your high school's English teacher, I will relate this allegory to one of the most intriguing and most followed stories of this year's baseball season:

C.C. Sabathia's path of loyalty, desire, and most of all... temptation.


Imagine C.C. as Christian from our story. Now relate Christian's path to the Wicket Gate to Sabathia's quest of a contract. 

As temptations and traps were between Christian and his destination, the same can be said for C.C. and his path to a contract.

Temptation, desire, treachery. All have already been placed before C.C, as Vanity Fair's wrongdoing has been put into the making.

As C.C. continues to travel upon his path, the determined pitcher's loyalty will be tested again and again.

Whether C.C. stays true to his path or not remains to be unseen. Even Christian, the man that all can relate to, couldn't make his quest without being halted by traps along the way.

Now, as a avid Indians supporter, I want to express to all of those reading this that buying into C.C's words of calling Cleveland his home is great to hear, but not at all any type of guarantee or hint of something already being discussed.

Picture C.C. walking on a path filled with traps of money and benefits set by teams such as the Yankees, Dodgers, A's, and other teams that may have interest for the young ace. While Sabathia is walking along the road aside of all these things, he slowly gets closer to the situation that he truly want's to happen. From what we have been told, Cleveland is Sabathia's own Wicket Gate. 

While the long and winding road may be a challenge to resist, Sabathia is living his own version of Vanity Fair. As Sabathia continues to play the role of a modern version of the character Christian, our beloved pitcher of Cleveland has his destiny in his own hands. Whether he gets drawn by desires or stays true to his will, that is something only time will tell.