Michael Bisping Destroys Tim Kennedy with Verbal Assault During Weigh-Ins

Hunter HomistekCorrespondent IApril 15, 2014

Warning: The video above contains harsh language. Proceed with caution.  

Michael Bisping does not like Tim Kennedy. 

During their weigh-ins staredown for The Ultimate Fighter Nations finale, Bisping unleashed a verbal tirade upon Kennedy, the contents of which are extremely not safe for work. 

In the lead-in to this main event showdown, the two fighters have sparred on Twitter and other social media sites, but things got real whenever they came face-to-face at the weigh-ins, just one night before they will enter the cage to wage war. 

So @TimKennedyMMA talks all this shit on the internet but doesn't have the balls to say a single word to my face.#keyboardwarrior

— michael (@bisping) April 14, 2014

Bisping, being the more noted trash-talker of the two, takes the lead as the two square off, and he goes to town with a profanity-laced assault that will have you calling "earmuffs" for any small children and dogs in the room. 

"I'm going to f-----g hurt you," Bisping said. "It all ends for you right now. Do you want to go right now?"

"I'm always ready," Kennedy responded. 

"You are a f-----g p---y," Bisping replied. "It all ends right now. It's just you." 

"Tomorrow, right?" Kennedy asks. "You're going to be there? Because I thought you were backing out." 

"Why the f--k would I back out of a fight with you?" Bisping responds. "Look at the state of you. You're a f-----g idiot." 

Ladies and gentlemen, them's fighting words...which is nice, because they will actually settle the score tomorrow inside the UFC Octagon. 

If you didn't have a reason to tune in to Fox Sports 1 for The Ultimate Fighter Nations finale before this, you certainly do now. This grudge seems legitimate, and we get to see the two middleweight standouts holster their words in favor of punches, kicks, knees and elbows Wednesday evening. 

Who do you think will win this 185-pound clash?