No Repeat For Rafa! Nadal Withdraws From Wimbledon

Michael LanichCorrespondent IJune 19, 2009

Rafael Nadal is out at Wimbledon. Earlier, at a press conference, Nadal decided that entering Wimbledon was not a feasible option.

Nadal labelled his decision as "one of the worst moments of his career."

This decision is obviously something that Rafael Nadal has struggled with over the last couple of weeks, and it is an extremely big blow to the sport, as well as the possible implications when it comes to the rankings after the tournament.

If Roger Federer wins, he will regain the No. 1 ranking. While I am sad to see Rafael miss the most hallowed tournament in tennis, I feel that if missing this means he wins, or has a better chance of winning, the U.S. Open, it may be worth it in the end.