Lewis Hamilton's Win for Mercedes at 2014 Malaysian Grand Prix Inspires Nail Art

Mark PattersonUK Staff WriterApril 1, 2014


Lewis Hamilton kick-started his title bid for the 2014 season with a fine victory in Sepang at the 2014 Malaysian Grand Prix—and a fan of his celebrated with some carefully crafted nail art.

Twitter user Priscilla sent Hamilton a picture of the finished product and got a retweet from the driver:

My Celebration of @LewisHamilton 's Victory 😍😁 #TeamLH #MalaysianGP #HatTrick pic.twitter.com/l3mcCrQrXV

— Priscilla Hamilton (@Prisci_Hamilton) April 1, 2014

As you can see, there is the Mercedes logo, a chequered flag, the Union Jack, Hamilton's No. 44 and car colours, and "I heart LH." Clearly, no small amount of time went into it.

But while F1 is generally thought of as a male-dominated sport, there was still time for a technical discussion about the art of nail polish.

@sarah_connors with a liner brush ;) and the nail polish for merc is "mavala-blue pacific" :)

— Priscilla Hamilton (@Prisci_Hamilton) April 1, 2014

Which should help you if Hamilton wins in Bahrain this weekend.