WrestleMania 30: Most Memorable Spots in PPV History

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistMarch 27, 2014

WrestleMania 30: Most Memorable Spots in PPV History

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    WrestleMania is a breeding ground for historic moments. To do all of them justice you would probably have to produce a top 100 list.

    There are twists, classic matches, iconic spots and just all-round legendary moments which are etched into the fabric of the WWE.

    As it happens, this is a pretty exclusive group, with just the top 10 moments in the history of this iconic show.

    It features the biggest stars ever to grace a WrestleMania ring and covers almost the entire 29-year stretch of this amazing pay-per-view event.

    Let's take a look at the 10 most memorable spots in the history of WrestleMania.

10. Friends and Champions Prevail (WM20)

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    It's hard to really put most of these articles into any kind of order—these moments are all pretty iconic and memorable.

    However, we begin with a moment at WrestleMania 20 that may very well have produced tears from many people watching.

    Eddie Guerrero had earlier defended his WWE Championship against Kurt Angle in a match that confirmed he was the biggest babyface in the company at that time.

    In the main event, Chris Benoit defeated both Shawn Michaels and Triple H in an absolutely brilliant match to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Madison Square Garden was enraptured. And then, as the confetti fell down onto the ring, Guerrero came down to embrace his close friend. It was a truly memorable moment, as two guys who had fought their way through the ranks were both at the pinnacle of the company.

    And that only makes No. 10. You can tell it is going to be a pretty impressive list.

9. Edge Spears Mick Foley Through Fire (WM22)

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    This Hardcore match, so rarely seen now, features next on our list. It was a match at WrestleMania 22 which saw Edge take on Mick Foley—and it was an absolute classic.

    Edge was being dominated by the Hardcore legend for the bulk of the bout, but the ending saw the match completely turn on its head.

    Lita swung a barbed-wire bat underneath Foley's legs before lighting the table Foley had just pulled out. What happened next was remarkable.

    Edge had one of those rare moments where he put the show before his own body by spearing Foley through the flaming table.

    He covered Foley and picked up the win.

8. Shawn Michaels Defies the Inevitable (WM25)

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    WrestleMania 25. The first of the two epic contests between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker, with a 30-minute effort from both men ranking as one of the greatest matches of all time.

    However, long before Taker managed to cover Michaels for the definitive three-count, Michaels produced a remarkable moment.

    It would be a Tombstone Piledriver that would seal Michaels fate—but it wasn't the first of the match.

    The first such Tombstone was finally nailed on Michaels late on in the match, but to everyone's amazement Michaels managed to kick out.

    The look on The Undertaker's face says it all. The crowd reaction is absolutely brilliant. It was a true WrestleMania moment.

7. Ric Flair's Emotional Ending (WM24)

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    A year before Shawn Michaels had the first of his two epics with The Undertaker, he took part in a huge match which redefined the landscape of professional wrestling.

    Michaels took on Ric Flair with the stipulation that if Flair lost, he would have to retire.

    The two legends had a brilliant contest throughout, with both managing to defy the odds and survive on several occasions.

    And the end of the match was a pretty emotional moment. After Michaels had hit Flair with a second Sweet Chin Music, he uttered one of the most iconic phrases ever heard in a ring.

    "I'm sorry, I love you."

    Then he dropped him with a third kick. Flair's career was over.

6. Edge Spears Jeff Hardy from a Ladder (WM17)

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    In terms of memorable spots, you would be hard-pressed to knock a TLC out of the list.

    This spot was so huge it no doubt had millions of people jumping out of their seats—including an 11-year-old me.

    The Tables, Ladders and Chairs matches are all about pushing the boundaries and making moments nobody will ever forget.

    As Jeff Hardy battled with that ladder, you almost knew what was coming. But in some ways, you never thought anyone would be crazy enough to try it.

    That is why this makes the list. When Edge flung himself into Jeff and speared him, it was one of the most iconic moments in WrestleMania history.

5. The Double Turn That Changed the World (WM13)

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    It can be sometimes difficult to pinpoint where certain eras began in professional wrestling. However, in terms of the beginning of the Attitude Era, this match kicked it all off.

    It began "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's rise to the very top and changed professional wrestling as we knew it.

    "Stone Cold" vs. Bret Hart was essentially the match that changed the world. It was one of those rare moments where a double turn occurred—as Hart turned heel in a shocking twist.

    The beating he issued to "Stone Cold" after the match only endeared Austin to the hearts of many—and who knew what that night was about to kick off.

    As for Hart, the turn was done pretty effectively, and it managed to put Austin over in the process. A successful night—and a hugely pivotal one in the history of WrestleMania.

4. The End of an Era (WM28)

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    The classic pair of Shawn Michaels-Undertaker matches were turned into a marvelous quartet at WrestleManias 27 and 28, as once again Taker defied the odds.

    It brought the curtain down on a stunning mini-period of WrestleMania classics—and it was a match that had absolutely everything.

    Triple H vs. The Undertaker II was effectively a handicap match at times. Both Triple H and Michaels threw everything at Taker—but he kept kicking out.

    And eventually, Taker found enough in him to consign Triple H to a rare WrestleMania defeat. However, the most iconic and memorable moment came at the end.

    All three men—visibly beaten and exhausted—stood at the top of the ramp and embraced. It almost felt like a fitting ending to a stunning rivalry.

3. The "Stone Cold" Era Truly Begins (WM14)

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    Next up, WrestleMania 14, one those rare moments where celebrity involvement in a match happens to pay off.

    It probably helps that it was Mike Tyson—the biggest boxer in the world at that time. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Tyson had an epic tussle on Monday Night Raw in the buildup to WrestleMania 14, leaving many in disbelief as to what happened at the show itself.

    The match was going back and forth before Austin grabbed a Sweet Chin Music attempt, spinning Michaels around and hitting him with a stunner.

    Given how Tyson was the "ring enforcer"—effectively a guest referee—the chances of Austin getting a three-count was slim—or so we thought. Tyson hurled into the ring and provided an incredibly quick count to crown Austin the winner—and the champion.

    Austin tossed Tyson a 3:16 shirt and celebrated with the man who was now his ally. Flabbergasted by the turn, Michaels confronted Tyson only to be met by a swift punch that floored him.

    It was a great way to end a pretty good show.

2. Hulk Hogan's Slam (WM3)

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    It was always going to be high up on the list—and perhaps many thought it would be at the very top.

    However, "The Slam Heard Around the World" is just edged out of top spot by one other moment. That doesn't mean it isn't iconic and huge, though.

    It's pretty tough to say something about this moment that hasn't already been said at some point. As this list is all about memorable spots, let's try to at least give it some sort of background.

    Nobody expected Hulk Hogan to beat Andre the Giant—let alone hoist him up over his head. It was a moment of gargantuan strength and supreme ability.

    However, in this humble writer's eyes, there is one spot that edges this iconic moment out of the top spot.

1. "Stone Cold" Sells His Soul (WM17)

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    WrestleMania 17 was my favorite showing of the historic event—as you might be able to guess, given how there are now two moments from the show on this list.

    However, that simply proves just how good it was. Growing up a huge "Stone Cold" Steve Austin fan, it is easy to remember just how shocked I was by the ending to the show.

    The match was absolutely brilliant, with both Austin and The Rock taking it to each other all night. Austin even hit The Rock with his old submission maneuver, The Million Dollar Dream.

    As Vince McMahon handed Austin the steel chair to nail The Rock, you knew history was about to happen.

    Those repeated chair shots were enough to turn Austin in the eyes of many and confirm that he had sided with McMahon.

    It was the most memorable WrestleMania moment of all time in my eyes. I'm sure there will be plenty out there who have another favorite.