Black Day "31 May 2009"

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Black Day
(Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Anything In This World, I Want to Change On 31st May 2009, Then That Is This Score Card - by True RAFA FAN.

I was bored of seeing Men's Tennis with one man winning everything.

People talk of grace, which I agree.

People talk of immense talent, which I will never argue against.

But, All this without a challenge, I think all will agree, It is bore.

I felt so bad seeing the Australian Open 2007 final where the man with all the above traits - "The Great Roger" defeated the so called Hard hitter "Gonzalez". It was like a First  round match believe me. After, seeing this match, I thought no one will challenge RF and tennis is his Kingdom.

Then came Roland Garros, I saw this guy named Rafael Nadal who gave me what I want "The Fight against the Mighty Fed" and I was so happy that he came on the winning side.

From that day, until today, I have never missed visiting "", googling "rafael nadal".

He is the one who never showed his joy of winning Roland Garros 2008, not because he did not deserve, because he felt the pain what Might Fed was going through.

He is the one who never says, "I will win today". This is what he uses "I will give my 100%", "I will try to win" even against a Qualifier.

It was so hurting when the whole(most of the ) Philipe Chartrier audience were against Rafa. I could feel the pain what Rafa could have gone through, thinking what mistake, I did? Why are you all against me? I felt he was fighting Soderling, the crowd, painful knees, History and the bad day at the office(his tennis was not there) even then he pulled Soderling to 4 sets. This is what he brings to the court.

If world would listen to me, I have only one thing to say never go against a Person who works hard, who earns his victory, who is humble, Please motivate those type of people. Support them.

The result of going against was the lopsided final which was very similar to Australian Open 2007.

I wish Rafa's knees will be good enough to play another 10 years.

It doesn't mean, He needs another 10 years to make history. He is Part of Tennis History at 23.

Long Live RAFA........... Long Play RAFA............Vamos RAFA

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