WWE Needs Rob Van Dam Back to Add Much-Needed Star Power to WrestleMania

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistFebruary 26, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

WWE Battleground. A pay-per-view that was arguably one of the worst in the recent years of the WWE. An event that featured a Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton match that ended in a no-contestafter the interference of Big Show.

However, Battleground was notable for one other main reason. It was the last time Rob Van Dam was seen on WWE TV. Amazingly, the ECW legend has been mysteriously absent from the company since he lost to Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship.

With a WrestleMania that is struggling to garner any serious hype and attentionat least in comparison to some other 'Mania showsthe call for somebody of RVD's ilk to turn up and perform at WrestleMania should be incredibly loud.

Although there are some big names being brought back for the show, somebody like Rob Van Dam would come in handy for the WWE. Sure, The Undertaker is as big as they comebut he returns every single year. Hulk Hogan is another big pull for the event, but he will hardly be active inside the ring.

No CM Punkor at least we believe that to be the caseonly heightens the need for as many stars to come back as humanly possible. After nearly six months away from the WWE, the time is right for RVD to make his return.

His high-flying approach and the massive excitement he brings to pro wrestling would make him a great addition to any card, WrestleMania in particular. It is a night where the crowd is on a whole other level in terms of reactions and noise, and RVD is one of the very best in drawing reactions out of a crowd.

It doesn't even really matter who he faces. Whether it is another part-timer or indeed a full-time guy in the WWE, Van Dam can pull a program out of just about anyoneas his most recent rivalry with Alberto Del Rio would testify to.

Also, he has a perfect record at the showpiece event, winning on all four occasions that he has fought at WrestleMania. 2014 would represent a great chance for somebody to challenge Van Dam and end his perfect recordyou even have the beginnings of a storyline in itself there.

It is almost like WrestleMania needs Rob Van Dam this year. Does he need WrestleMania? If he wants to have a prolonged, serious run on his return to the company, then there aren't many better places for him to make his comeback.