WWE Elimination Chamber 2014 Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterFebruary 24, 2014

WWE Elimination Chamber 2014 Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights

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    Credit: WWE.com

    An injurious structure serves as the battlefield at WWE Elimination Chamber 2014, as six Superstars strive to be placed on WrestleMania's marquee.

    Read on to see who celebrated victory and how effectively WWE and its Superstars engaged the audience and told stories in the ring. Did any new champions emerge from the event? Who can now claim to be WWE's most dominant trio?

    We begin the process of answering those questions with a match that will affect the tag team division rankings, as Cody Rhodes and Goldust look to find the spark that The New Age Outlaws put out last month.

    Results, grades and highlights will go up shortly after each match.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel

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    Larry "The Axe" Hennig joined his grandson at ringside as Curtis Axel and Ryback took on the former tag team champions.

    Goldust used his speed to frustrate Axel. Ryback rode out the brothers' burst of high-flying, and he and Axel soon had Goldust in the corner watching boots crash into his chest.

    "The Bizarre One" fought his way out of the corner, hitting a Hurricanrana before dragging himself to his partner. Rhodes zoomed at Axel, his eyes teeming with intensity as he delivered the Alabama Slam.

    Axel fought back but couldn't escape or kick out of Cross Rhodes. 


    Rhodes and Goldust win by pinfall.

    Memorable Moments and Quotes

    Fans chant for Axel.

    Rhodes flies out of the ring onto Ryback.

    Axel catches Rhodes in midair, countering his move into a powerbomb.




    The night starts off with a win from the fan favorites, one that pushes the Rhodes boys back into the tag team title picture.

    Rumors of the brothers splitting up at the event from sources such as F4WOnline (via WrestlingInc.com) didn't materialize. That likely means a Rhodes vs. Goldust match at WrestleMania XXX is not going to happen.

    This match featured a few pockets of impressive athleticism, but there wasn't much drama to savor. It was a short, standard match. The Rhodes brothers have delivered far more exciting bouts on Raw and SmackDown in recent months.

Big E vs. Jack Swagger (Intercontinental Championship)

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    As challenger and champion stared each other down, Zeb Colter offered last-minute advice to Jack Swagger. Big E overpowered Swagger early, forcing him to seek refuge outside of the ring.

    Big E followed Swagger out when he escaped the second time.

    The powerhouse slammed Swagger into the ring post. Swagger, though, won the brawl outside, thanks largely to a running clothesline that had John "Bradshaw" Layfield raving.

    Swagger kept his foe on the ground with mat wrestling and a boot to the chin.

    The champ fought through the punishment, hitting a series of high-impact moves before a Swagger spinebuster shifted momentum once more. Swagger made Big E pay for heading to the top rope, following up a huge suplex with the ankle lock.

    Big E fought out of the hold and finished the match with the Big Ending.


    Big E wins by pinfall.

    Memorable Moments and Quotes

    Colter blames the polar vortex on illegal immigrants.

    "Boy, is this there a great General Manager at NXT"—JBL.

    Langston spears Swagger off the apron and flies out of the ring.




    A slow, underwhelming match morphed into a slugfest more befitting these two Superstars. Both men played off a few awkward spots well, and the physicality of the match made up for their lackluster chemistry.

    Big E earned the biggest win of his career, knocking off a former world champ in decisive fashion.

    He likely heads to WrestleMania as champion now in need of a new opponent. Perhaps that role will go to Bad News Barrett, who took to his podium following this title bout.

The Usos vs. The New Age Outlaws (Tag Team Championship)

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    The Usos showed their superiority in speed and agility early. It wasn't long before the champs ducked their foes' kicks and scurried outside of the ring to huddle up and rethink their strategy. 

    Road Dogg then pounced on a confident Jey Uso, and The New Age Outlaws pounded on him in their corner.

    A spin kick allowed Jey to tag in his brother. Jimmy Uso seemed unstoppable, kicking and flying his way to the advantage. Billy Gunn snuck up behind him right after he kicked Road Dogg off the apron, and the champions retained.


    The New Age Outlaws win by pinfall.


    Memorable Moments and Quotes

    Road Dogg flings Jey into the corner with a nasty hip toss.






    WWE had been building The Usos as champions-in-waiting. It was a smart move to delay that expected outcome. The power of the surprise is undercut by the brevity of the match.

    Momentum had only started to churn when the ending occurred.

    Expect a longer, more dramatic rematch come WrestleMania time. The Usos' big moment is destined for a bigger stage, it seems.

Titus O'Neil vs. Darren Young

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Titus O'Neil dominated this match of former tag team partners until a spinning forearm from Darren Young changed the narrative.

    Young's advantage ended quickly, though. O'Neil flung his foe out of the ring, cracked his back into the ring post and squeezed on his torso with his massive arms.

    The big man dismissively tossed Young to the mat and slapped his side with stinging blows. Young fought back a few times, but O'Neil steamrolled over him, capping off the bout with Clash of the Titus.

    Bad News Barrett came out once again, this time dissing Hulk Hogan.



    O'Neil wins by pinfall.


    Memorable Moments and Quotes

    O'Neil throws Young into the corner and out of the ring.

    "Last time he picked up the tab Ric Flair was voted 'most promising newcomer'"—Jerry Lawler on John "Bradshaw" Layfield.






    This couldn't decide if it was an intense grudge match or a one-sided showcase for O'Neil. It failed to truly be either, and the expected outcome came without many highlights.

    O'Neil will push ahead after the victory, his next step one to keep an eye on. Will he attempt to go after a title, like Big E's perhaps, or is he simply going to set out to topple a more prominent foe than Young?

The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family

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    The fans chanted "This is awesome!" before either The Shield or The Wyatt Family threw the first blow. They proved prophetic.

    Dean Ambrose ignited a brawl by charging at Bray Wyatt and company, punching wildly. The chaos cooled, and Seth Rollins and Erick Rowan began the official part of the match for their teams.

    Rowan withstood a few punches before barreling over Rollins and dragging him into his clan's corner.

    Moments later, The Shield seamlessly tagged in and out, attacking Harper from multiple angles.  

    A surprising dropkick from Harper stopped The Shield's dominance. Wyatt then slammed into Ambrose, and Rowan bashed him as Reigns and Rollins watched on from the apron. Rollins soon got his opportunity, though.

    He darted at his foes, leaping through the ropes and roaring after his flurry. Wyatt yanked back control of the match and Rollins went from predator to prey, caught in the wrong corner.

    When Reigns found himself back in the fray, he knocked his enemies on their backs. The order of the match fell apart, bodies zipping around the ring, foes smashing into foes.

    Ambrose and Wyatt brawled in the crowd while Harper and Reigns slugged it out.

    Once each member of The Shield was down, The Wyatt Family hurled Rollins through the announce table. That left Reigns alone in the ring as the jackals closed in. It looked as if Wyatt was going to finish it with Sister Abigail's Kiss, but Reigns tore himself out of the hold.

    Reigns knocked everyone aside except Wyatt, whom he measured for the spear.

    Harper stood in harm's way for his leader. Wyatt then snatched up Reigns in mid-run, hit his finisher and ended the match.



    The Wyatt Family wins by pinfall.


    Memorable Moments and Quotes

    Fans chant for both teams.

    "This is not just about supremacy for this year, this is about where you stand in history."—John "Bradshaw" Layfield.

    "You see a chin, you kick it"—JBL.

    Rollins lands on his feet after Harper tries to suplex him from the top rope.

    Harper hits a suicide dive.

    Rowan and Harper chokeslam Rollins through the table.




    Burdened by high expectations, both teams came through with a near-perfect performance.

    The match not only thrilled with a melange of violence, athleticism and great pacing, but also served to make each of the wrestlers look strong. That was even true for the losers, as Rollins was the highlight reel, Ambrose the frenzied maniac and Reigns the warrior who nearly bested three monsters.

    WWE officials had to be smiling backstage to see that, on top of a classic being composed, the ring was filled with future megastars.

AJ Lee vs. Cameron (Divas Championship)

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Her Divas title on her shoulder, AJ Lee said that there was no one left to beat. She mocked Naomi's facial injury, and the other Funkdactyl came out dancing.

    Cameron smacked AJ with her pom poms before knocking over the champ with speedy offense. AJ recovered, cranking her foe's neck back and slamming her to the mat with a fistful of hair.

    Tamina Snuka missed Cameron with the superkick, knocking AJ out. Cameron went for the cover, but Tamina attacked her to end the match.

    AJ limped away, clearly upset with her bodyguard.

    Bad News Barrett then predicted that adults would lose their jobs thanks to all of the material on the WWE Network. He painted a picture of homelessness and giant rats.



    Cameron wins via disqualification.


    Memorable Moments and Quotes

    "It's okay to cheer, it's impressive."—AJ.

    "When someone throws poms poms at you, you know the fight is underway."—John "Bradshaw" Layfield.






    WWE foreshadowed a very intriguing matchup, Tamina vs. AJ. In the meantime, there was some fun energy in portions of this match, but Cameron and AJ's chemistry failed to excite.

    A mostly uneventful match with an indecisive win showcased AJ's talents, but not for long enough.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Batista

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Batista awaited his chance to crush the pest that is Alberto Del Rio, but "Mexico's Greatest Export" walked out with a crutch and a neck brace around his neck. 

    Del Rio bent the brace over Batista's back and cracked it against his ankle. The villain ripped off the brace while grinning before calling for the bell.

    He applied the cross armbreaker in the ropes, stomped on "The Animal" and kicked him in the back of the head. Del Rio delighted in his dominance, but a spear shifted momentum in Batista's favor. He tried to end things with a Batista Bomb, but Del Rio slipped away.


    Batista wins by pinfall.


    Memorable Moments and Quotes

    The crowd treats Del Rio like the face and chants "Bootista."

    Del Rio hits a vicious baseball slide that sends Batista tumbling out of the ring.






    Del Rio benefits from this bout despite the loss thanks to looking like a wily strategist. Batista doesn't look to be back in ring shape yet, not having the motor he had before his departure.

    That contributed to a lumbering match that told a good story of the victim of an ambush surviving, but offered few highlights and little energy.

    The fans voiced their disapproval regarding Batista, chanting for just about everything but him. He heads into WrestleMania in need of a heel turn. WWE can't continue to have him get heel reactions while playing the face.

Elimination Chamber (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

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    Credit: WWE.com

    John Cena, Christian, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan stood in the pods as Cesaro and Sheamus began the battle.

    Cesaro bashed Sheamus with uppercuts and forearms, showing no signs of trepidation about being in the Elimination Chamber for the first time. "The Celtic Warrior" fought back, clotheslining Cesaro onto the steel grate around the ring.

    Bryan entered, turning the slugfest into a showcase of his speed. With his enemies on their knees, Bryan took turns kicking at their chests.

    An aggressive Christian then entered, attacking Bryan's injured arm, tearing at his bandages.

    "Captain Charisma" escaped a powerslam attempt from Sheamus and later hopped onto the cage wall to fly at Cesaro. Sheamus and Cesaro went back to their individual battle, slamming each other into steel and Plexiglass.

    Cena entered, soon feeling the drumbeat of boots on his chest courtesy of Bryan. He tossed Christian against the Chamber wall, only to find himself catching a Cesaro uppercut in mid-flight. 

    Each man threw punches at everything within range. By the time Orton walked out of the pod, each of his opponents lying writhing on the mat. 

    He attacked everyone before every foe surrounded him, inspiring him to flee back into the pod.

    An enraged Sheamus kicked in Orton's pod with a Brogue Kick. The Irishman hit Cena with a Brogue Kick as well, but Christian failed to steal a pin. Christian did get a three-count after he hit a splash from the top of the pod.

    Bryan eliminated Christian with his flying knee.  

    Cesaro went on a brief tear, but Cena cracked him against the grate and then forced him to tap out to the STF.

    Cena then went for that submission hold on Orton, but the lights went out. When the darkness lifted, The Wyatt Family grinned inside the Chamber. The brutes attacked Cena, leaving him out cold. Orton slid on top of him for the three-count.

    That left Orton and Bryan to attack each other, the title awaiting the victor. 

    It seemed Bryan had the match won when Kane interfered. Stunned, he couldn't avoid the RKO, losing to the champ. 


    Orton wins the Chamber match.


    Memorable Moments and Quotes

    "Thank God he only has two feet."—John "Bradshaw" Layfield on Bryan.

    Bryan suplexes Cesaro while still holding Sheamus in submission hold.

    Sheamus hit a rolling fireman's carry slam onto the grate.

    Cesaro hit Cena with a midair uppercut.

    Sheamus destroys a pod with a Brogue Kick.

    Cesaro spins Orton 30 times.

    Bryan and Cena square off alone in the ring.

    Cesaro hits a suplex on both Cena and Bryan.





    The cheap ending hurt this match, draining it of some of the drama it had built toward.

    Still, the intensity level was extremely high, and every Superstar thrived. Cesaro stole the show with his aggressiveness, and Christian provided a number of highlights. 

    Cesaro and Sheamus need to enter a rivalry and give fans more uppercut-heavy brawls like they delivered in the Chamber.

    Should Bryan get added to the WWE title match as a third entrant, this ending is a wise move, delaying his triumph just a few months longer. If WWE goes with Batista vs. Orton, though, it is going to have flashbacks of Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg at WrestleMania XX in terms of negative crowd reaction.