Ranking the 10 Craziest Discontinued Winter Olympic Sports

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Ranking the 10 Craziest Discontinued Winter Olympic Sports
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
Scenes from the Iditarod dog-sledding race. Dog-sledding is no longer a sport in the Winter Olympic Games.

The Winter Olympics has always been a bird of its own feather. Those uber-privileged Summer Games are so much easier to understand. So much simpler and more universal, with their running and throwing and liquid water.

Both have their quirky sports, but the Winter Olympics take it to another level. These Games seem to make up for in personality what they give away to their warm-weather cousins in brand recognition. 

Curling, for example. Now there's a sport with personality. Or ski jumping. Who doesn't end their channel search the moment they see a ski jump in progress? It's like the fun-loving party neighbor. Maybe you don't want to spend several hours a day with that person, but once in a while, it's great. 

And those are just the sports that are actually in the games. Wait until you see the sports that hit the cutting-room floor. Curious as to what those might be? Strap on those snow shoes and stride onward.

As you read, you'll see most of these were demonstration sports, which means the sports were essentially tested once or twice and, in these cases, not picked up as a full, formal part of the Games for various reasons. Medals are awarded but not considered "official" Olympic medals.

The sports are ranked in order of their craziness, or just general strangeness or novelty factory. Remember: "craziness" is a completely objective metric, so no arguments are allowed. Make sense? Great. Mush!

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