Ken Shamrock Admits Past PED Usage, Wants to Curb Future Abuse in MMA

John HeinisSenior Analyst IJanuary 25, 2014

UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock admitted on Friday night that he used steroids in the past, but he wants to be part of the movement that implements stricter drug testing in MMA

Appearing on this week's edition of Inside MMA, the professional-fighter-turned-bodyguard insisted that "I never entered into the ring while using steroids" but said "I have used steroids in the past."

He proposed a new theory that could prevent the new generation of MMA fighters from abusing performance-enhancing drugs:

I would like to see, if we're thinking honestly about how to fix the problem, start at the bottom. Start out with these guys who are just starting out to be MMA fighters. Start testing them and forcing them to train without it (PEDs). And test, not going, 'OK, on the 24th we're gonna come and test you.' No, random testing. If you're gonna be on a card, you're booked on that card six months in advance. Then that means at any point and time...Nonito Donaire is a name that comes to my mind, who has proven that he does not use steroids—even though he's been accused of it many times over again. Because he does random blood testing: They come to his gym whenever they want and they will test him."

While Shamrock didn't clarify his initial comments about never using steroids to prepare for an MMA fight, the former King of Pancrase has competed as a professional wrestler on and off since 1997. 

Known as "The World's Most Dangerous Man" inside the WWE ring, he competed in 45 professional MMA bouts in his 17-year career. 

Boasting a solid 26-8-2 record after his June 2004 knockout of Kimo Leopoldo, the Nevada native lost six of his next nine fights. He was expected to return to the cage as recently as July, although his planned bout with Ian Freeman in England was cancelled due to a contract dispute, per Mike Whitman of Sherdog

As TMZ reported earlier this month, the 49-year-old has seemingly hung up the gloves for good in order to be a bodyguard for high-end clients such as rapper 50 Cent. 

Is Shamrock's concept of random drug testing the right way to eliminate PED usage in mixed martial arts?


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