Montage of 2013's Iconic Sports Moments Is Great Way to Say Bye to Amazing Year

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Throw another log of nostalgia onto the fire. This video of the most memorable sports moments from 2013 is well worth your time. 

Next Impulse Sports' Kiley Kmiec spotted this video floating around the transom of YouTube. As best we can tell from the description, it was originally aired on Fox Sports Live.

For the past month, blogs, magazines and websites have been compiling their best assessment of the year that was. Heck, even the NBA decided a compilation of the year's best videobombs was a worthy use of time. 

Seeing the Miami Heat at their best, we don't disagree. 

However, this is a far more poignant look at the sports world we all know and love, depicting images from the harrowing to the heroic and the whimsical to the earth-shattering. 

Along the way, we get to hear Mark Wahlberg break it all down: "We the fans cheer for players, teams, cities; but it's the moments we remember...the moments that come to define what we love about sports."

A bunch of unforgettable moments are corralled together within the confines of 12 months, giving us a chapter in a book we all share. 

Some fans were treated to the ultimate victory while others suffered another year of futility. There is something rather refreshing by what Wahlberg offers: We all share in the experience. 

Wins and losses hardly matter. It's those moments that spark debate and make us fans in our unique way. 

It's impossible to encapsulate the entire year in just five minutes, but you might agree that the video's producers did a fine job attempting that feat.

From the Baltimore Ravens' amazing victory over the Denver Broncos to Ray Allen's masterful shot to the horrible scenes in Boston that brought an entire nation together, the video touches upon those keystone moments we will never forget. 

It's just one year, but it featured so many memories covering the wide swath of human emotions. We will all undoubtedly look forward in the coming weeks, greeting the new year with fresh anticipation. However, it's simply impossible to ignore the moments that got us here. 

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