Sound Familiar? Infractions May Follow John Calipari's Exit

Ronald ManbaumCorrespondent IMay 27, 2009

MEMPHIS, TN - MARCH 14:  Head coach John Calipari of the Memphis Tigers meets with his team at a time out during the Championship of the Conference USA Basketball Tournament at FedExForum on March 14, 2009 in Memphis, Tennessee. (Photo by Joe Murphy/Getty Images)

As reports of major infractions accumulate for the University of Memphis' men's basketball program, you have to wonder what this means for Kentucky Wildcats fans. 

The reactions will probably run the gamut from self-congratulatory glee for those fans that thought Calipari was an outlaw—unfit to hold the reigns for a school like the University of Kentucky—to unwavering defenses of Calipari up until the point where actual video surfaces of Calipari sitting down and taking the SAT test for the suspected cheater.

There seems to be three things you can expect when you hire John Calipari though, and those can be spelled out quite easily:

  • Your team will achieve a level of success that it hasn't had in years
  • The last team Calipari coached will suddenly be under NCAA investigation for major infractions
  • Coach Calipari will be just far enough removed from the entire situation at the old school to keep his name clean, while the fans at his "new" school will be angry that anyone would suggest he would ever "knowingly" cheat

At this point the allegations include most seriously, that while John Calipari was the Head Coach at the University of Memphis, there was "knowing fraudulence or misconduct" involving an unknown players' SAT scores.

(Derrick Rose, anyone?)

If the allegations are proved, it looks as though Memphis will join Massachusetts in having to forfeit all the games from the best year in their school's history. 

This means that those 38 wins along with the Final Four appearance will be stripped from the record book. It also will continue to raise questions about how Calipari was able to take two programs from good to great in such a short amount of time.

Maybe Kentucky fans can pin their hopes on the fact that Coach Cal only commits violations at schools that start with the letter 'M'?

Many college basketball fans have suspected, and outright accused Calipari of running dirty programs. These allegations, if proved, will just continue to throw gas on the fire. 

Hopefully, for the sake of the kids that won those 38 games and the integrity of the game, the allegations are nothing more than that.

But I doubt it.

If I was a Kentucky fan, my biggest fear right now would be what's going to happen in the months that follow Coach Calipari's retirement, resignation, or dismissal; Because you know what comes next. And if you don't, refer to the list above.