Mike Brown Is Is The Alex Rodriguez of Coaches

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Mike Brown Is Is The Alex Rodriguez of Coaches
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For 82 games, Mike Brown was the best coach in the league.

For 82 games, Mike Brown took all that the Spurs organization had taught him about the importance of defense, hustle guys, and placing role players that fit your superstar's tendencies and turned it into the best team in the league.

For 82 games, the NBA Finals featuring a Lebron vs. Kobe matchup had television studios wallets jumping up and down like Ronaldo Balkman on the sidelines in the 4th quarter.

Then the playoffs hit and we remembered Lebron James was just that good.

Let's take a look at all the brilliant moves Mike Brown has implemented so far shall we?

1.Playing 6'2 Delonte West against 6'10 Hedu Turkoglu. The Magic live off the high screen and roll with Hedu Turkoglu whose 8 inches allow him to see over Delonte West and make the easy pass. Anderson Varejao seems like the man who can guard a tall, slower big man like Hedu but. . .

2.Anderson Varejao is guarding Rashard Lewis; a screen running sharpshooter who plays mainly from the outside. You know, the kind of guy that lights up Anderson Varejao for easy buckets.

3.Doubling Dwight Howard with the man covering the high post, allowing the poor passing Howard to convert the one pass he can easily make into an uncontested 3 point shot.

4.Being 4 games into a series with a team you played 4 times during the regular season and still being unable to adjust to their offense---one that is turning the 3 point shot into a proverbial layup line. Mike Brown's "half time adjustments" are so panicky that they make Stan Van Gundy look like a Prozac addict. That takes serious skill.

We forgot that he got to the NBA Finals off the back of one of the greatest playoff performances of all time. We forgot that he coached in the Eastern Conference, ripe with teams as bad as their ever-rotating coaching carousel. We forgot that he had Lebron James and the easiest path to a title since Hulk Hogan and the Fingerpoke of Doom. We forgot that Mike Brown was the Alex Rodriguez of coaches and disappeared during the playoffs.

Somewhere along the lines, we forgot that Mike Brown was terrible.

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