Rugby Match Between Georgia and Canada Features Wild and Bloody Brawl

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Come for the extremely huge men throwing down with one another, but stay for the blaring rock guitar licks.

The aptly titled ESPN Scrum brings us a video from a recent clash between Georgia and Canada, one that features flying fists, novice MMA tactics and a bloody nose.

We will let them describe the impetus behind the massive donnybrook:

Most rugby supporters are partial to a bit of fisticuffs and Georgia's game against Canada disintegrated into a mass brawl when Canada's Liam Underwood was caught by Georgia's Vito Koelishvili. After punches were thrown, Koelishvili and Tyler Ardron were both red carded for their role in the melee.

The Province has far more on the entire match that would go to Georgia in the end, 19-15. As for this particular fight, it seems Georgia takes that as well. Really, both sides seem to get in some solid work, but eventually the rugby game at hand ruins a perfectly good melee.

As you will see, Canada pays too heavy a price.

It seems things were looking up for team Canada at the end of the first half when this particular tackle took place, halting the rugby action and spurring on an altogether different kind of conflict.

According to the report, the man who sprints into the action to stick up for his recently clotheslined teammate is captain Tyler Ardron.

As you can see, he is immediately met with a bevy of blows from the man who started it all, Koelishvili.

Unfortunately, the brawl did have a personnel effect on the game. The Province's Patrick Johnston writes, "Canadians Ray Barkwill and Andrew Tiedemann left the field bloodied and Underwood was helped from the pitch, looking as woozy as can be. None of the injured trio would return."

According to Johnson, the brawl was the turning point in the match. After the half, he noticed a far more invigorated Georgian side take control of the game.

There is your "sometimes awful violence can pay off nicely" update of the day.

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