Current WWE Alliances Guaranteed to Split Soon

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistNovember 2, 2013

Current WWE Alliances Guaranteed to Split Soon

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    WWE is currently at an abundance of stables, tag teams and other alliances.  Naturally, most, if not all, figure to end in an ugly split.  WWE looks to have entered "trouble in Paradise" season, and sadly it has nothing to do with a push for Kofi Kingston.  

    Whether its a sibling alliance, like the Bellas or the Rhodes, a well-oiled machine like the Shield or a longtime friendship like Triple H and Shawn Michaels, all good relationships must come to an end.

    WWE splits provide for entertaining storylines that give the fans and characters involved fresh material to digest and work with, respectively.  

    Possible splits will be graded on hints of demise on WWE programming as well as potential for an ensuing match or feud.  


5. The Real Americans

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    All appears to be well with Real Americans Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro.  In fact, on Raw this past week, the team pulled off an upset victory over reigning tag team champions Cody Rhodes and Goldust.

    While the Real Americans figure to become the next tag team feud for Goldust and Cody, Cesaro's big swing has begun to get over.  

    The move is clearly being done as an impressive feat of strength to garner cheers.  For the heel Cesaro, anticipation for his unique spot will inevitably turn him babyface.  Jack Swagger is the type of wrestler who should never be a babyface, and a potential turn for Cesaro should lead to a short-term feud.

    Neither Swagger nor Cesaro can be considered a top star individually at this point in their career.  The two hyper-athletic workers have the potential to put on great matches, but based on lackluster booking of this tag team and its individuals, their impending breakup may be met with lukewarm responses.   

4. The Shield

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    This past week on Raw, Roman Reigns shot Dean Ambrose a confrontational look during a Shield promo. Right on cue, reports poured in of future plans to turn the former Georgia Tech football player babyface.

    As good as the sum and its parts have been, the Shield is pretty close to running its course.  It has been a good year for each member.  Reigns, Ambrose and Seth Rollins all have a chance to build on their strong start.  But that building process should come sooner rather than later.  

    Ambrose and Rollins would be ideal for Reigns' first feud as a babyface given their in-ring experience and Reigns' relative inexperience.  Expect a two-on-one beatdown of Roman Reigns on a pay-per-view or Raw near you. 

3. Shawn Michaels-Triple H

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    It appears Shawn Michaels will be off television for the time being, but if he comes back it will likely be as a babyface.  

    WWE could always go the Bryan-HBK route if Michaels is willing.  But Triple H is just as eligible of an opponent as Bryan if not more.  

    Triple H's absence during Bryan's attack on Michaels, after HBK defended Triple H as a loyal friend, was no coincidence.  

    This will be a storyline to keep an eye on going forward, especially if Michaels pops up during WrestleMania season.  Triple H failing to come to Michaels' aid will cause (kayfabe) tension to build in their relationship.  Hopefully that tension leads to a first-time encounter between the legendary tandem at WrestleMania.     

2. The Rhodes Dynasty

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    Goldust has been campaigning for a WrestleMania match against brother Cody for quite some time.  The resurgent Rhodes Dynasty just may be his ticket.  

    Everything is honky dory at the moment with the oft-dysfunctional Rhodes family, but a feud is inevitable.

    Given the momentum of the current tag team champions, a future match at WrestleMania would be a top-three program and an immediate dark horse to steal the show.   

    It's anybody's guess who would be the heel in this scenario.  Goldust seems to be the over of the two, so a jealousy angle with Cody as a heel would make sense.  Likewise, Cody may be the next man up in WWE's revolving door of heirs to Cena's throne.  

1. The Bella Twins

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    The impeding split between Brie and Nikki Bella has been the most teased breakup in WWE.  Nikki has cost Brie multiple matches, and the two have struggled as a team.  

    Given the pair's real-life romances with John Cena and Daniel Bryan, their split could be intertwined with a future feud between the top babyfaces. 

    The Bella's Total Divas tie-in could be used as a backdrop for Brie's and Nikki's alliances with Bryan and Cena.  It doesn't hurt that Brie and Bryan's pending nuptials has been a point of discussion in WWE storylines.

    Cena and Bryan already worked a main-event match at a SummerSlam pay-per-view described by Vince McMahon as a "swing and a miss." 

    But the inclusion of their significant others on a WrestleMania stage could be a home run. 

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