Adam Lefkoe Delivers Louisville Sports with Satisfying Amount of 'Seinfeld'

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Adam Lefkoe is the complete opposite of every local sportscaster we have ever seen. 

Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead spotted the latest stroke of genius coming from WHAS 11's sportscaster. This time, Lefkoe is filling five minutes' worth of Louisville sports news with a hilarious portion of Seinfeld references. 

For those uninitiated, Lefkoe did the same thing with a wonderful assortment of professional wrestling names last week, filling the broadcast with 31 references with the likes of Tatanka and "Ravishing" Rick Rude. 

As for the why, it's really rather simple: Lefkoe was rather tired with the usual sportscast we have come to expect from the local news. 

Rather than becoming just the usual talking head that spouts the latest results and breaking news, Lefkoe is going above and beyond by sidling pop culture up next to his sportscast. Essentially, he's a real sidler

His blog "Out of Lefkoe Field" states he will continue to ask fans for suggestions on ways to liven up the broadcast with reports chockablock with pop culture references. 

This week, Lefkoe was just as flawless in his delivery, throwing out "J. Peterman" and "Bob Sacamano" to perfection. 

The great thing about these reports is they never feel forced or contrived. Like choosing a favorite episode, it's hard to pick out the best Seinfeld shoutout. 

I might have to go with calling Kentucky quarterback Maxwell Smith the "modern-day Lloyd Braun," which will now be a household favorite. 

A big fantastic tip of our cap to Lefkoe, who continues to TCB the heck out of these Louisville broadcasts. 

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