The Professor Is Back, Heads to the Blacktop for Spider-Man Basketball Part 2

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterAugust 28, 2013

There are thought bubbles, crossovers and—most importantly—a professional streetballer in a Spider-Man costume faking guys out of their briefs.

In other words, "Spider-Man Basketball Part 2” (also referred to as "The Black Rock") has everything you’d ever want from a basketball trick tape and more.

Brought to you by professional streetball legend Grayson “The Professor” Boucher, the newest installment of Spider-Man Basketball takes The Professor back to the blacktop to tear up more opponents.

The video was spotted by John Ferensen of Next Impulse Sports, and it features all the creativity and skill we’ve come to expect from the former And1 star.

Featuring a comic book plot line, Part 2 picks up with Peter Parker wandering into a drug store to fuel up. No Mums for him, thank you—he just wants a brand-less drink and a candy bar (he’s a strange boy, that Peter Parker).

An impending meteor shower is foreshadowed (that comes into play later) and Parker is off to suit up for ball. The rest is snapped ankles and history, as they say.

The Professor hits the local outdoor courts in his Spider-Man tights and lays waste to the opposition. Behind the back, off the head and through the legs—it doesn’t really matter where The Professor puts the ball. He’s going to blow past you.

As mentioned at the beginning of the video, the action on the blacktop isn’t staged. This is The Professor in his element, dispatching challengers like a short-order cook flips burgers.

This isn’t the first time The Professor has donned the Spider-Man costume, however.

Spider-Man Basketball Part 1 came out in July, and by the looks of Part 2’s ending, a third installment is already on the way. 

So there it is—the mighty Professor in all his glory, right? Well, not entirely.

There's much more to the man than can be seen in these short Spider-Man videos, and the Professor recently took off his mask and opened up to B/R's very own NBA editor Ethan Norof to discuss life, hoops and how a 5'10", 150 pound kid from Oregon became one of the biggest names in streetball history.

While you're at it, catch up with And1 stars Hot Sauce, 8th Wonder other streetball heroes who recently spoke with our own Dan Favale about the touring lifestyle of a professional mixtape baller.

After that, you'll be more than ready for Part 3 of The Professor's Spider-Man saga. The question is, is the world prepared for Venom to start balling on them? I know I am.

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