Report: Donald Cerrone Charged with Assault Following 'Boat Rage' Incident

Steven RondinaFeatured ColumnistAugust 21, 2013

Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone is in trouble with the law following an altercation with another boater.
Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone is in trouble with the law following an altercation with another boater.Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Donald Cerrone's in some hot water. Or would be, if he didn't own a boat.

According to, the UFC lightweight contender has been charged with third-degree assault stemming from a June 29 altercation involving "boat rage," which, for those not in the know, is road rage—with a boat.

Cage Potato has this to report:

Donald A. Cerrone, 30 years of age, has been charged with Third Degree Assault by a summons to court, and it is a Class One Misdemeanor. There is no warrant for him at this time. Mr. Cerrone and another person, Jeffrey S. Aley, were involved in a boating rage incident (similar to road rage but by use of boats) onLake Granby. The incident escalated to the point where Mr Cerrone assaulted Mr. Aley. Mr. Aley was also charged with Reckless Operation of a boat and Reckless Endangerment, a Class Three Misdemeanor. The case is still ongoing, and has not been concluded in court.

Cerrone has been a top lightweight for years now, dating back to the WEC, where he amassed a 6-3, 1 record. In the UFC, he has racked up an impressive 7-2 record, but has consistently hovered just outside title contention.

In his most recent fight, he roughed up veteran lightweight and Strikeforce import KJ Noons. Using his superior grappling skills, he repeatedly found himself in superior position and poured on strikes, leading him to a lopsided decision victory.

This isn't the first time Cerrone's temper has come front-and-center.

Cerrone single-handedly scuttled an amateur MMA event's headline bout by starting a back-room brawl in 2010. It has also popped up in promoting his fights, leading to ugly grudges with fighters like Jamie Varner, Nate Diaz and Mac Danzig.

This is a worrisome turn of events for the UFC.

Cerrone is slated to face rising Brazilian grappler Rafael dos Anjos on August 28 in the co-headline to UFC Fight Night 27 on Fox Sports 1. The event is substantially weaker than the UFC's debut on the infant all-sports network, and removing Cerrone from the bout would strike one of the few recognizable names  on the card.

Keep an eye here on Bleacher Report to see if the UFC takes action with Cerrone.