Arizona Diamondbacks: Doug Davis Shines on Night To Remember

JJ SSenior Writer IApril 8, 2008






Call it what you will, what Doug Davis did on April 8 was one of the most incredible things you will ever witness.

Davis, pitching in his final start before undergoing surgery for thyroid cancer, threw six innings, gave up two runs, struck out seven, and—get this—got two hits

That's absolutely incredible. This man was pitching with cancer. Yes, the thyroid cancer he had was easily curable, and yes, he'll return about a month after his operation.

But you know what? Davis could have shut it down after being diagnosed March 28. 

He didn't have to pitch—I mean, again, he has cancer.


However, Davis decided to make two starts before his surgery. He struggled in his first, throwing 3.2 innings and allowing two earned runs on six walks and four hits against the Reds in Cincinnati. 

Tonight was different. 

Davis was on tonight.

He's always been a crafty lefty who never will blow hitters away, but tonight, he struck out seven over his six innings of work.

If you thought his pitching performance was impressive, though, remember that he had two hits today.

This is the same Davis who had just 20 hits in 286 career at-bats coming into this game. 

His first hit came in the third, when he singled on a ground ball to left field to score Mark Reynolds. Yes, he even had an RBI. 

It just keeps getting more and more incredible.

In the fifth, Davis singled on a line drive to right. This was with Justin Upton on second with one out—a normal bunting situation for a pitcher.

Not on this night.

This was Doug Davis' night to shine, and shine he did.

Just let it sink in.

He threw six innings, gave up two runs, struck out seven, and had two hits and an RBI in two at-bats.

With cancer.

Words cannot describe how amazing that is. 

Get well soon, Doug. We're all anxiously awaiting your return.