Why Marion Jones(and Manny Ramirez!) Should Have Played Tennis

Nancy DrewContributor IMay 5, 2009

WHITE PLAINS, NY - OCTOBER 5: Former track star Marion Jones speaks to the waiting media as her mother Marion Toller (L) stands by her at Federal Court after pleading guilty to lying to a federal agent about her drug use October 5, 2007 in White Plains, New York. According to sources, this could result in her losing her five gold Olympic medals won in the Sydney 2000 games.  (Photo by Stephen Chernin/Getty Images)

In late March, the ITF released its drug testing stats for 2008. You watch a lot of tennis and haven't heard?  Never read any articles about the ITF's Anti-Drug Testing Program? Well, in contrast to many tennis reporters and announcers, I'm not beholden to the ITF, ATP, or WTA for my living.


In-Competition Testing conducted by the ITF for the 2008 Season

  • 20 tests for EPO for the entire 2008 season. Please note on the full-player sheet, it lists the number at 40. Counting the number of tests and confirming it with the Summary Sheet, it shows only 20 EPO tests conducted.
  • 0 EPO tests were conducted at Wimbledon, right before the tight schedule leading up to the Olympics.
  • 157 Blood Tests while in competition.
  • 1,700 Urine Tests.


 Out-of-Competition testing conducted by the ITF/WADA for the 2008 Season

  • 91 Urine Tests.



Out-of-Competition testing conducted by the ITF/WADA for the 2008 Season


  • 0 Blood Tests listed on the Summary Sheet;
    8 Blood Tests listed on the Player Sheets.
  • 0 EPO



Total Testing Done for the 2008 Season


  • 2,018 according to both Summary and Player Sheets
    (not including the 8 OOC blood tests listed)


Compare pro-tennis to the much-maligned top pro-cyclers who were subjected to 13,224 by the UCI (its governing body).


It's lucky for tennis players that, unlike other sports:

  • its test results are never announced to the public (yes, positive tests do not have to be announced); and 
  • those reviewing any test can ask and obtain the player's name.

Please note that in 2009, there is no "new program." The WADA kerfuffle just means the players can be tested at any hour of THE PLAYER'S CHOSING. It does not mean the players will be tested more than they were the previous year.