Antonio Cesaro's Alliance with Zeb Colter Will Earn Him Money in the Bank Spot

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterJune 18, 2013

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Strange as their pairing might be, it will be Antonio Cesaro's partnership with Zeb Colter that will assure him a spot in one of the Money in the Bank matches.

Colter introduced Cesaro as his newest solider before his match against William Regal on Monday's WWE Raw, a move that signals at least a minor push for him.

It's a move that increases WWE's options when coming up with storylines for Cesaro and one that doubles his reaction from the crowd.

WWE has seemingly been unsure what to do with Cesaro, a throwback wrestler with phenomenal mat skills.

The company first tried to make use of Cesaro's ability to speak multiple languages by having him say a single word in five languages. However there was little Cesaro could do with that angle. It wasn't as if he could really use it to spark a feud or generate heat.

Fans have booed WWE's bad guys for many reasons, but booing him because he was multilingual didn't have a ton of promise.

Cesaro slid from gimmick tweak to gimmick tweak. He scoffed at America's obesity issues, wore a beret and even tried yodeling. With Colter at his side, he can go back to his most successful heat magnet in which he talked down to Americans.

Yodeling might annoy folks, but constant condescension and self-righteousness can dig deep. Colter has done that superbly recently and Cesaro can be a lot more involved in his speeches than Jack Swagger has been.

Colter has largely focused on immigration when speaking about what ills America. Cesaro talked mostly about the country's excess and materialism.

Together they can form a duo of smug, proud men needling the audience into hating them.

Combining the heat garnered by both men and Swagger when he returns can create far more momentum than Cesaro had earlier. Without Colter, without this new, clearer direction, Cesaro might have been left out of the Money in the Bank mix the way he was left out of WrestleMania 29, Extreme Rules and Payback.

Side by side with Colter, Cesaro now makes an ideal foe for Sin Cara.

There could also be tension between him and Swagger down the line, but in the next few weeks the Colter-Cesaro partnership helps the former United States champ raise his profile enough to assure him a spot in a Money in the Bank match.

Cesaro's talent is aided by the controversy that surrounds Colter. Colter's added heat elevates him to the point where he beats out borderline Money in the Bank entrants.

Having Colter on his team had Swagger go from essentially a jobber to competing for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania. The initial hype over Colter's propaganda has certainly died down, but his presence will definitely help Cesaro.

Colter will be pounding the ring apron in encouragement as Cesaro joins the many Superstars battling for the Money in the Bank briefcase on July 14.