Bleacher Report: A Legacy to be Passed On

Dann KhanAnalyst IMay 2, 2009

I came to Bleacher a bit over three months ago. I remember the date as well, Jan. 21, 2008.

When I came here, I did not know where I was. I was just excited that I got a place to show my writing skill as well as my knowledge of sports (basically cricket).

But I am a person who gets these kind of excitements and obsessions very frequently. I move on from one thing to another. From one social networking site to another. From one game to another and so on.

After getting released by the Facebook, I was looking for something new. And Facebook helped me find it. I saw the B/R add and saying the site required cricket writers. I pounced on to the chance and decided to give the site my services.

Soon, I got very much into it and started developing my moderate writing skills into something much, much better.

But I do not wish to go on about how I managed to to find this site and I am never leaving. Though, I am not.

In any case. I recently wrote a piece, "25 years from now: Me and Cricket," which you can see here, in which I shared my anxiety about whether I would be able to continue with Bleacher along with the daily struggles for living a decent life.

Maybe, maybe not.

But surely we can do something to keep the site alive. We can contribute by doing more than just reading, writing, and commenting.

We can pass on the baton. We can pass on the legacy.

It is important we realise the fact that this is something we ought to do. Not only for the benefit of the site, but also for the benefit of our children and grandchildren and further if we can live long enough.

Sports is something that breaks all boundaries. We all play sport. Not all of us are good, but we try to give our best effort. And all us are good writers, too.

So why would we not give our future and the world's future, the kids yet to come, something that will stand them in good stead all their lives? Something that teaches them to debate and still not agree. To put forward their theories so that if a sportsman looks at this site he gets an idea. 

What good are we if we end up not attending the site after a decade or two. I agree that the site will still be popular, but what is the point of being just another member and not increase the population of this already popular site.

Let's pass on this memory. Let's pass on the dreams of getting a POTD, a comment, a front page article, a piece breaking the most reads record.

Let's pass on the legacy.

Let us not let Bleacher remain a name in houses of sports experts.

Let us make Bleacher a name in houses of sports fans.

Let us make Bleacher...a household name.