Cristiano Ronaldo Would Be Wise to Sign New Contract with Real Madrid

Joseph ZuckerFeatured ColumnistJune 2, 2013

That's not what they mean when they say you should stay put Cristiano.
That's not what they mean when they say you should stay put Cristiano.Jasper Juinen/Getty Images

Cristiano Ronaldo has almost everything he could possibly need at Real Madrid. Should Florentino Perez keep his word, all of Ronaldo's problems should be solved.

The Telegraph reported the Madrid president is ready to do whatever it takes to keep Ronaldo this summer:

But Perez is desperate to keep the Portuguese attacker at the Bernabéu, and has suggested that the club will offer Ronaldo a record contract to retain his services.

"I would like Cristiano Ronaldo to be the best-paid player in the world," said Perez. "We’re going to do everything at our hand to make him happy."

An argument could be made that Ronaldo is actually underpaid at Real Madrid. According to an article by Harry Harris on ESPN FC, the Portuguese winger is making £200,000 a week. While it takes many people years to make that amount, Ronaldo is behind Wayne Rooney, Samuel Eto'o, Lionel Messi and Neymar. Ronaldo is better than all of those players, Messi possibly excluded.

If Ronaldo can get £300,000-£400,000 a week at Madrid, there's no reason for him to leave.

With the kind of money he will be demanding, there's only a few clubs that could possibly afford the 28-year-old this summer. The choices seem to be narrowed down to either Paris Saint-Germain or Manchester United.

Of course, any move would be incumbent upon that club matching Perez's apparent asking price, courtesy of a tweet from Telegraph Sport:

That wouldn't be anywhere close to the actual fee, but it illustrates the president's resolve to hold onto the player. A new contract at Real Madrid would eliminate the need for Ronaldo to leave because of financial reasons.

Manchester United are the reigning Premier League champions, but they're replacing Sir Alex Ferguson. Real Madrid are replacing Jose Mourinho as well, but the situations are completely different.

The shadow of Ferguson will loom large. It took United decades to fully move past Matt Busby. Ferguson's legacy and accomplishments will make the standard for David Moyes extremely high. He will have to deal with a level of pressure he's never had to in his life.

Until Moyes proves himself capable to keeping the Red Devils where they are, Ronaldo would be smart to keep his distance.

In France, Ronaldo would be able to make a ton of money at PSG and compete for the Ligue 1 title every year, but what would the standard of football be?

The country's whopping 75 percent tax will make it hard for clubs other than PSG and Monaco to hold onto top stars. That would lead to two clubs at the top and a steep drop-off from the rest. At the very least, La Liga is of a much higher quality despite the disparity between Madrid, Barcelona and the rest of the league.

Even with a new manager, Ronaldo will be able to compete for domestic and European titles at Madrid next season. The departure of Mourinho might actually be a benefit considering how much his style clashed with the club's structure.

He helped change Madrid a bit, but his siege mentality proved more detrimental than it did at Porto, Inter Milan and Chelsea.

Perez can hire somebody like Carlo Ancelotti or Jupp Heynckes and suffer little to no issues dealing with transitioning. ESPN FC's Dermot Corrigan reported those two are the club's top choices. Either makes sense considering they've won Champions League titles before, with Heynckes taking Madrid to the apex of European football in 1998.

With their respective reputations, Ronaldo would need little convincing they could move Madrid forward.

Next season, Ronaldo won't have it any better than at the Santiago Bernabeu.