The 25 Greatest Wrestling Parodies Ever

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The 25 Greatest Wrestling Parodies Ever

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    For years, wrestlers have found one surefire way to upset their opponents—by mocking their persona on national television.

    Yes, by donning a wig, prosthetics and an old costume, many heroes and villains alike have made fools out of their rivals.

    Whether it be in WWE, WCW, ECW or TNA, wrestlers have time and again shown that perhaps imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery.

#25: The Miz as the Rock

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    Leading up to WrestleMania XXVII, WWE champion The Miz was set to defend the belt against John Cena in a match where the special guest referee was none other than The Rock.

    The Miz hardly endeared himself to the People's Champion, however, when he attacked Cena on Raw dressed as the "Great One."

#24: CM Punk as Jeff Hardy

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    Though it was really only a brief entrance, CM Punk absolutely buried Jeff Hardy on Smackdown! following the Charismatic Engima's departure from WWE in the summer of 2009.

    In doing so, Punk further cemented his role as one of the company's top heels.

#23: Rated RKO as DX

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    In mid-2006, the old Degeneration-X stable reformed, this time as a tag team duo of Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

    Upset by DX's antics, Edge and Randy Orton formed their own tag team, dubbed RKO.

    In an open display of hostility, Rated RKO came to the ring at the start of Raw in October to mock Michaels and Helmsley.

    The feud eventually resulted in a match at Cyber Sunday in November, wherein Rated RKO defeated DX, thanks to special guest referee Eric Bischoff.

#22: Will Saso as Steve Austin

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    Of course, when a wrestler cannot impersonate another wrestler himself, he can always bring in an actor to do it for him.

    That's what Chris Jericho did in early 2002, when he got MadTV's Will Saso to do his best "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

#21: Steve Austin as Hulk Hogan

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    When Steve Austin arrived in ECW in 1995, Steveamania was runnin' wild.

    Though Austin's tenure in ECW was short, it did help him break away from his WCW persona, in effect transitioning from "Stunning" Steve into "Stone Cold."

#20: Buff Bagwell as Scott Steiner

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    In 1998, Buff Bagwell served as sidekick for fellow nWo member Scott Steiner.

    However, when Bagwell accidentally cost Steiner the US Title at Uncensored '99, Steiner decided that Bagwell no longer had a place in the group.

    This led to a brief feud between Buff Daddy and the Genetic Freak, which was highlighted by Bagwell parodying Big Poppa Pump on Thunder.

#19: Kevin Nash as Sid Vicious

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    Truth be told, Kevin Nash did a pretty much par impression of Sid Vicious on Monday Nitro. After all, there isn't too much to work with.

    But what made this parody wrestling gold is when Sid himself came out and stumbled through his own lines, inadvertently saying, "I have half the brain that you do!"

#18: Ken Anderson as Sting

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    As part of the feud between Ken Anderson and Sting in the spring of 2011, Anderson dressed up as the bleach-blonde version of the Icon on numerous occasions.

    One in particular featured a match with Eric Young as The Not-So-Great Muta.

#17: The Big Show as DDP

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    After the WWF purchased WCW in 2001, one of the biggest stars who was included in the deal was Diamond Dallas Page.

    Unfortunately for DDP, his new motivational speaker gimmick fell flat in the WWF.

    This made for a memorable moment before Survivor Series '01, where the Big Show mocked the Master of the Diamond Cutter.

#16: Kurt Angle as John Cena

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    In something of a strange turn, not only did Kurt Angle mock John Cena on a 2003 edition of Smackdown! but he also had a little person imitate himself.

    Things finally came to a head between Angle and Cena at No Mercy '03, when Angle made Cena tap out to his ankle lock.

#15: Baron Von Stevie & Bluedust

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    In 1996, Stevie Richards and the Blue Meanie made names for themselves by imitating various other wrestlers and celebrities.

    One memorable instance of this happened at Hardcore Heaven '96, when the two showed up mocking Baron Von Raschke and Goldust.

    Of course, the duo was still just getting started...

#14: The Blue World Order

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    In late 1996, with the nWo taking over WCW, Richards and the Blue Meanie couldn't help but mock the group.

    Once given the okay by Paul Heyman, Stevie Richards became Big Stevie Cool, the Blue Meanie became Da Blue Guy and Nova became "Hollywood" Nova.

    Thus was born the highly-popular bWo—the Blue World Order.

#13: Edge as Ric Flair

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    In late 2005, wrestling legend Ric Flair was arrested in his hometown of Charlotte, NC in a road-rage incident.

    This resulted in a parody done by Edge, mocking the incident.

#12: Ken Anderson as Kurt Angle

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    When Ken Anderson arrived in TNA in early 2010, one of his first targets was Kurt Angle. In mocking the Olympic gold medalist on Impact, Anderson solidified a feud that has persisted between the two for over three years.

#11: Disco Inferno Doing Konnan's Rap

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    At the end of 1998, nWo Wolfpack member Konnan came out with a rap music video.

    But after the "Fingerpoke of Doom," Konnan was kicked out of the group.

    Though Disco Inferno was never officially taken in as a member of the new Wolfpack, he did try. Not only did Disco run in during Kevin Nash's match against Goldberg at Starrcade '98 but he also mocked Konnan's music video.

#10: Gillberg

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    In late 1998, longtime jobber Duane Gill embraced a new gimmick...a parody of WCW'd Bill Goldberg. As Gillberg, Gill went on to become the longest-reigning WWF light heavyweight champion ever—though much of that time he was not featured on television.

#9: Shark Boy as Steve Austin

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    Shark Boy had gone for years in WCW, TNA and the indy circuit as a silent masked wrestler.

    However, in 2008, Shark Boy proved that he did have the gift of gab or at least of doing a great impersonation of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

#8: Shawn Michaels as Hulk Hogan

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    When the Heartbreak Kid faced off against the Hulkster in 2005, he just couldn't resist poking a little fun at the biggest persona in wrestling history.

#7: Jay Lethal as Randy Savage

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    Though many wrestlers have had legendary moments doing impressions, few have built careers on it.

    But Jay Lethal struck gold in 2007 when he became "Black Machismo," a second-coming of "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

    Over the next few years, Lethal would go on to win the TNA X Division title six times, tying AJ Styles for the most reigns ever.

#6: The NWO as the Four Horsemen

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    As part of the nWo's takeover of WCW, they had to go through one of the company's enduring institutions—the Four Horsemen.

    In a parody that featured Sean Waltman as Ric Flair, Konnan as Steve "Mongo" McMichael, Buff Bagwell as Curt Hennig and Kevin Nash as Arn Anderson, the nWo proved that they had no respect for WCW or any of its legends.

#5: DX as the Nation of Domination

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    In perhaps the most well-known parody in wrestling history, DX came out en force on Raw to mock their rival faction, the Nation of Domination.

    But while this was DX's most famous parody, it still was not really their greatest.

#4: DX as the Corporation

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    In one of DX's most classic moments, the team did a spot-on parody of The Corporation in late 1998.

#3: Dustin Rhodes as Dusty Rhodes

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    As part of the long storied strangeness surrounding Goldust, Dustin Rhodes came out in early 1998 portraying his own father, the legendary "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes.

#2: DX as the McMahons

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    When DX reformed as a tag team in 2006, they just could not resist mocking Vince and Shane McMahon.

    This moment was without a doubt one of the greatest parodies in all of WWE history.

#1: Jay Lethal as Ric Flair

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    For years Jay Lethal made a name for himself imitating the late "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

    But when another legend, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, arrived in TNA in 2010 and set out on creating a 21st century edition of the Four Horsemen called Fortune, Lethal had no choice but to bust out the "Whoos!"

    This led to one of the most surreal moments in wrestling history, with Flair screaming and hurling shoes at a dead-on imitation of himself.