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Worst Storylines in Wrestling History

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJanuary 9, 2017

Worst Storylines in Wrestling History

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    How do we judge what the worst storylines in wrestling history are?

    Well, wretched writing is one factor. How illogical was it? Was it embarrassing to watch? Is it still (not so) fondly remembered by fans to the point that it still gets brought up—and mocked—regularly? And did it have any redeeming features whatsoever?

    With all this in mind, let's examine and rank the absolute worst storylines ever.

    Hey, you have been warned...

7. Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio Fight over Custody of Dominic

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    In the summer of 2005, WWE SmackDown was dominated by the Eddie Guerrero/Rey Mysterio/Dominic saga.

    Per the storyline, the villainous Eddie revealed to the masses a shocking secret: He was actually the biological father of Mysterio's son, Dominic. The two then squared off for custody of the young boy in a ladder match at the SummerSlam pay-per-view.

    How embarrassing was it? Very. The custody battle came off like the world's worst and most ridiculous telenovela. You ended up feeling bad for all involved, particularly Rey's son (imagine the grief the poor kid must have gotten at school).

    Logic Loopholes: Why would Child Services ever agree to a scenario in which custody of a minor was decided in a ladder match on a wrestling pay-per-view?

    Why didn't Rey and his wife just get a decent lawyer and put an end to Eddie's nonsense?

    Hey, they had a good legal case. They had adopted Dominic and raised him in a loving and stable home for his entire life. Eddie had no real claim and he was totally power-mad and crazy. No judge in the world would have sided with him.

    Is it still talked about? It gets brought up now and again. But it isn't really as notorious as you would think.

    Did it have any redeeming features? Well, Eddie's heel work was very good. And the SummerSlam bout was very exciting, despite its dreadful accompanying storyline. This alone stops it from garnering too high a spot on this list.

6. Mae Young and Mark Henry

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    In 1999, WWF television showcased a truly bizarre storyline in which Mark Henry romanced and dated the 77-year-old Mae Young. She later got pregnant and gave birth to a hand live on Raw.

    How embarrassing was it? The whole angle was, in general, cringe-worthy to watch. That Mark Henry managed to go on and have a respectable in-ring career after this is actually quite astonishing.

    Logic Loopholes? Where to start?

    Is it remembered? It's one of the most notorious angles in WWE history.

    Did it have any redeeming features? Well, it indisputably proved that Mae Young is a fun old girl who will go along with virtually anything in the name of entertainment. And the skit, with the apparently grown-up hand, at Raw 1000 last year was mildly amusing.

5. Edge Kidnaps Paul Bearer to Get Back at Kane

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    In late 2010, Edge abducted Kane's storyline father, Paul Bearer. He then proceeded to drag the ailing old man around the country and torture him on camera, all in a bid to torment his foe. Poor Kane; he was distraught at his dad's abduction.

    How embarrassing was it? The whole thing was embarrassing, especially when apparent good guy Edge bullied and insulted his helpless captive.

    Logic loopholes? How was Edge able to get Bearer through airport security? Why wasn't he arrested when he happily admitted more than once (on camera!) that he was committing a crime? Why didn't Kane, or anyone at WWE, call the cops?

    Is it remembered? It will surely go down as one of the worst Kane angles ever. And that's really saying something.

    Did it have any redeeming features? Well, a couple of weeks after Kane accidentally pushed his father off a roof (don't ask), Edge came out to the ring to show this funny video, which strongly suggests that even Vince McMahon had finally realized how abysmal the entire angle was.

4. Claire Lynch

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    Per this 2012 storyline, TNA President Dixie Carter and wrestler A.J. Styles had been working together in secret to help out their pregnant, drug-addled friend, Claire Lynch. Things took a shocking turn when Lynch announced to the world that Styles was the father and urged him to take responsibility for their child.

    Oh, and it was then revealed by Lynch that the whole thing was a ruse cooked up by evil heels Daniels and Kazarian in an attempt to tarnish Styles' good name. She'd never been pregnant in the first place. Lynch promptly disappeared from TNA TV, never to be seen again.

    How embarrassing was it? Almost everything about this angle sucked. Styles (who is deeply religious and married with children in real life) was clearly not comfortable with the storyline, something that was obvious on TV. If TNA had to do this angle, did they have to pick someone so unsuited for it?

    It didn't help that the woman playing Claire Lynch seemingly learned all her acting skills from films like Troll 2 and The Room. Seriously, she made Bo Dallas look like an Emmy Award winner.

    Logic Loopholes: Male celebrities can often be targeted with false paternity claims that lack credibility. Similar to Justin Bieber, all Styles really needed to sort this mess out was get a good lawyer who would force Lynch to take a DNA test and expose Daniels and Kazarian. So, why didn't he?

    Is it remembered? Well, it's a 2012 Gooker Award winner (a fan-voted, not-so-prestigious trophy created by journalist R.D. Reynolds for the worst wrestling angles of that particular year).

    Did it have any redeeming features? Despite the woeful material, Kazarian and Daniels were pretty funny.

3. Dawn Marie Seduces Torrie Wilson's Dad

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    In this dreadful 2003 angle, evil vixen Dawn Marie seduced and married arch-enemy Torrie Wilson's dad, Al. Then she accidentally (??) killed him on their honeymoon after a particularly vigorous love-making session. The grieving daughter then fought her wicked stepmother on various episodes of SmackDown and pay-per-view.

    How embarrassing was it? Badly acted, badly written, this whole thing was a debacle. It also marred what was an otherwise outstanding SmackDown product (this was when the likes of Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle were wrestling up a storm).

    Logic Loopholes: If Torrie wanted to prove to her blissfully ignorant old man what a nasty piece of work Dawn Marie was, why didn't she just show him the taped SmackDown footage of his bride-to-be acting catty and mean towards her? 

    It is remembered? It's a deserving winner of the 2003 Gooker Award.

    Did it have any redeeming features? Well, as awful as it was, there were probably more than a few male fans who very much liked seeing Dawn Marie wander around scantily clad and engage in cat fights with her step-daughter.

2. David Arquette Wins the WCW World Title

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    On the April 26, 2000 edition of Thunder, actor and real-life wrestling fan David Arquette won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship after he pinned Eric Bischoff in a tag team match which also featured Diamand Dallas Page and Jeff Jarrett (per the rules, whoever got the one-two-three was immediately awarded the belt).

    How embarrassing was it? Hugely. While it already faced significant financial and booking problems, the Arquette title win turned the promotion into a complete joke. It may have marked the moment the company truly became beyond saving. After this, they couldn't possibly turn it around. 

    Logic loopholes: How exactly could an untrained and inexperienced actor win the World title belt and manage to defend it successfully against real wrestlers like Tank Abbott? Even factoring in that he had help from Page, it's still a bit of a stretch.

    It is still remembered? Very much so. WWE.com still brings it up. The 2004 book The Death of WCW also goes into extensive detail about just how much damage the title reign did.

    Did it have any redeeming features? For all the criticism aimed at him over this debacle, Arquette seems like a genuinely nice person. As Page noted to The Roman Show last year, the actor kindly donated all his WCW money to the families of deceased wrestlers Brian Pillman and Owen Hart.

1. Katie Vick

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    Really, could it have been anything else?

    In late 2002, Triple H's feud with Kane over the World title took an ugly turn when The Game accused his foe of murdering a college girl named Katie Vick several years earlier.

    Things got even worse when Triple H also claimed the star had snuck into the funeral home and done unspeakable things to her body. As proof, he offered up (blatantly fake) footage of Kane doing the deed.

    Was it embarrassing? Embarrassing, crude, disgusting. You name it. This was easily the most tasteless thing that WWE ever did.

    Logic Loopholes: Hey, weren't we told Kane had spent most of his life trapped in a basement? But now we were informed that the masked monster not only had a social life but was going to frat parties on a regular basis and picking up girls? Huh?

    Does it have any redeeming features? Nope. Not one.

    Is it remembered? This Gooker Award winner is arguably the most infamous WWE angle in history, with even company man Triple H speaking out against it years later. It also came up during Linda McMahon's first Senate run.

    Poking fun at themselves, WWE even had Kane joke about it during a recent comedy skit. "Years ago I had a girlfriend named Katie, but let's just say that didn't work out so well," he admitted.

    Additionally, the storyline was brought up during the documentary portion of Vince McMahon's official 2006 DVD set, with the chairman actually defending it.

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