The Wyatt Family and WWE's Creepiest Characters

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The Wyatt Family and WWE's Creepiest Characters

This past Monday, fans were treated to the first vignette for a new group that is being brought up from NXT to the main roster. They are known as The Wyatt Family.

The group consists of Bray Wyatt, the leader, and members Luke Harper and Erick Rowan.

The video we saw on Monday is quite possibly one of the most well-produced and incredibly creepy vignettes WWE has ever made.

The imagery was haunting in an almost familiar way. The characters seemed to combine elements from various characters from literature and film, with elements of Cape Fear-esque stalkers mixed with religious fanatics and just a dash of Deliverance thrown in there.

While the characters might seem a little out there for today's WWE, this is not the first time WWE has embraced a very off-putting character.

There is a long history in WWE of characters that make your skin crawl just at the sight of them. Countless disturbing gimmicks have come and gone, and this slideshow will look at some of the most creepy and disturbing of them all.

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