The Wyatt Family and WWE's Creepiest Characters

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The Wyatt Family and WWE's Creepiest Characters

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    This past Monday, fans were treated to the first vignette for a new group that is being brought up from NXT to the main roster. They are known as The Wyatt Family.

    The group consists of Bray Wyatt, the leader, and members Luke Harper and Erick Rowan.

    The video we saw on Monday is quite possibly one of the most well-produced and incredibly creepy vignettes WWE has ever made.

    The imagery was haunting in an almost familiar way. The characters seemed to combine elements from various characters from literature and film, with elements of Cape Fear-esque stalkers mixed with religious fanatics and just a dash of Deliverance thrown in there.

    While the characters might seem a little out there for today's WWE, this is not the first time WWE has embraced a very off-putting character.

    There is a long history in WWE of characters that make your skin crawl just at the sight of them. Countless disturbing gimmicks have come and gone, and this slideshow will look at some of the most creepy and disturbing of them all.

The Stalker

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    The Stalker was a gimmick that, for some reason, WWE officials thought would be a good idea for Barry Windham.

    Windham was one of the most talented wrestlers in the U.S., but this gimmick did nothing to put him over in front of the WWE crowd.

    Instead of using Windham's history in the business to their advantage, WWE created a new character that only lasted a few months before Windham was repackaged.

    The Stalker basically just sat in the woods and talked about how he would hunt the top WWE Superstars, but Windham's performance sold the character as very disturbing.

    Barry Windham should not be blamed for this character's failure, because he did manage to make it creepy during the promo videos.

    Bad booking led to this character's downfall, but the promos were unforgettable.

Waylon Mercy

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    Waylon Mercy was a little closer to Robert De Niro's Cape Fear character than Bray Wyatt, but there are some similarities between the two.

    Mercy was a character used by Dan Spivey before he retired from the ring, and it is one that many fans are not likely to forget.

    Before his matches, Mercy would shake his opponent's hand as well as the ref's hand, but then when the bell rang, he turned into a crazed psycho.

    When he would apply the sleeper hold as a finisher, his eyes would widen and the look of a man gone insane spread across his face, but when the bell rang, he returned to his calm self.

    This gimmick had a lot of promise, but Spivey retired from the ring shortly after debuting due to years of injuries piling up.


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    What happened to vampires? They used to be the creepiest things on two legs, but Sookie Stackhouse and Bella Swan have turned the once powerful monsters into sex symbols.

    Before blood-sucking was cool, Gangrel was creeping everyone out by drinking what appeared to be blood from a goblet, often spilling it on his shirt and spitting it into the air so it rained down on him.

    Gangrel was a very effective heel, but there is only so much you can do with a vampire in pro wrestling, and eventually, he found himself off the WWE roster.

    While a character like this doesn't usually have the staying power of a more traditional gimmick, there is no denying that they allow for some very entertaining moments.


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    There is little explanation needed to justify Kane being included on this list.

    Even though he has shifted back and forth over the years from creepy monster to comedy character, he is always able to seamlessly fall back into his disturbing ways.

    Kane has abducted people, set them on fire, buried them and just about everything else that would normally get someone thrown in jail in the real world.

    The kayfabe brother of The Undertaker was originally supposed to have lost the ability to speak during a fire as a child, but that was eventually dropped in favor of a voice box, and then eventually just Kane speaking regularly.

    Kane can be as sharp and funny as anyone, but he can also be as intimidating and scary as any wrestler who has come before him.

The Boogeyman

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    The Boogeyman is the name given to all the monsters that scare children from the closet or under the bed, so it is no surprise that WWE's Boogeyman was very weird.

    The clock-smashing, worm-eating wrestler was one of WWE's most disgusting gimmicks of all time.

    Eating worms was bad enough, but shoving them down the throats of downed opponents was just plain gross. You either loved the character or you hated it, and that is exactly the kind of response WWE hoped he would elicit from fans.


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    Gene Snitsky was disturbed in many ways, which was pretty clear the moment he kicked a fake baby into the crowd.

    Snitsky was a monster of a man with just as big of an anger issue, and WWE made good use of him for a while before burying him in the bottom of the midcard.

    I will tell you this—I do not miss seeing those teeth on my TV every week. But there were few people who could be as creepy on the mic as this guy was.


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    Goldust was creepy in a different way than anyone else on this list. He was an eccentric, gold-loving film buff who would prey on people's idea of normal.

    Despite having a beautiful valet who he was clearly infatuated with, Goldust would often make passes at his opponents during their matches.

    The character created a lot of controversy for being both homophobic and homoerotic, but the bad press did not stop Vince McMahon and Dustin Runnels from making him into one of the most memorable gimmicks in WWE history.

    There are few people on this planet who can make an entire arena full of people uncomfortable. Goldust made it into an art form.

Papa Shango

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    Before he was The Godfather pimpin' it up, and before he was Kama Mustafa in the Nation of Domination, Charles Wright was a voodoo warrior called Papa Shango.

    Papa Shango was a character designed to capitalize off the success of The Undertaker, but Papa Shango did not get over with the crowd as well as Taker did.

    His feud with The Ultimate Warrior was probably his biggest, despite the fact that they never ended up having their big match.


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    Mankind was sick, twisted and sadistic in ways that seemed almost too creepy for WWE at the time, and that is probably why the gimmick worked.

    Nobody else on the planet could have made the Mankind character into the legendary gimmick it is better than Mick Foley.

    Foley was a very committed performer, often pulling real clumps of his own hair out during matches to show just how nuts he really was

    No matter how creepy someone is, when they are as good as Foley, they are eventually going to be cheered by some fans, and that is exactly what happened.

    Nobody could have predicted that when Mankind first showed up on the scene that Mick Foley would become one of the most beloved WWE wrestlers ever, but he did.


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    The Undertaker is easily the most successful gimmick in wrestling history that is based entirely outside the realm of possibility.

    Through the years, his character has gone through many changes, but he has always returned to his roots as The Dead Man.

    Whether he was wrestling as a heel or a babyface, The Undertaker could always get you to care about his matches, and that is a rare gift.

    His promos with Paul Bearer were always very creepy, and his in-ring performances were hard to top, even for the most skilled performers.

    The Undertaker has become a living legend, the likes of which will never be matched again.

Who Else Creeps You Out?

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    WWE has always been a place to find colorful character of all types, but some of the most memorable are the ones that will give little kids nightmares and make grown ups gasp.

    The 10 characters listed in this slideshow are some of the creepiest in WWE history, but there are a lot more out there.

    Who are some of the wrestlers you have watched who made you the most uncomfortable?


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