Kip James/Billy Gunn Coming Back To The WWE Looks Likely To Happen!

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIApril 29, 2009

When I say Ass Man or New Age Outlaws what do you think? You most likely think of one man,Billy Gunn. He got really popular in the team the New Age Outlaws with Road Dogg, however they disbanded in the 90s really and we never saw the team again until they reunited in TNA.

Of course they went by a different name, but did tag together. They went by the same last name there in BG James and Kip James. However, they split up to see what they could do as singles competitors, mainly for Kip because BG wanted to wrestle lightly and be backstage with Jeff Jarrett.

Kip then went to the role of the beautiful People's hair consultant or something another. It was quite weird to me, but he did get a chance to relive his Ass man role, a bit anyway.

They totally ruined him by doing that because he is still a great wrestler, in shape, and could easily be a champion there.

In the WWE he was not only a tag champion with Road Dogg, but with Chuck Palumbo. He had success in the singles area in the WWE too.

He is a former Intercontinental Champion, too.

James's TNA deal expires later this year. TNA currently has no plans to re-sign him and he had been off shows until this coming weekend's events.

Which means TNA will not put him on TV Shows or PPVs, he may not even be doing things backstage either.

He came to TNA only because of BG James/Road Dogg. He is a good friend and he knew he was guaranteed to do well there if he came.

And he did for a while, until TNA decided to use him the wrong way. Then they think, oh lets not resign him because fans do not like him.

WOW TNA I wonder why that is?

Maybe it could be the way you used him, I know TNA, this is shocking news developing. I wonder what would happen if you used him the way he should be used. I don't know, but I think he would be liked a little more by fans.

But you didn't want to use him right, no TNA. You stuck to your "Gunns" didn't you?

So here is to you Total Non Stop Action Wrestling *raises water because one is to young to drink beer*

You just made a big mistake, now I wonder what happens if more wrestlers in your company are treated this way.

Maybe they will leave for the better promotion in the WWE, oops did I write that in an open source forum?

The WWE is interested in getting him back, he could go to ECW or SmackDown. I feel he could be a good addition to any.

They brought D-Lo Brown back to the WWE after a 5 to 6 year absence. He had not wrestled for about that amount of time, he may have done some independent shows but that is not confirmed.

The point is that Gunn/James has enough wrestling ability and personality to be on a roster in the WWE.  Am I saying he will be a World Champion in the WWE, or be a top guy in the company? No.

But, he could be a good influence on the young stars and help them out. And be a good mid-carder in the company for the few years he has left.

I am sure WWE fans will remember him if he comes back. So all they need to do is pick him up when his contract expires in TNA.

And since they are interested in acquiring him, maybe TNA will think twice about not resigning him.

If they used him right, he could be used in main events, maybe. Or they could even do storylines with him. They use guys like Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner in the main events, and neither are as good in the ring right now as James.

He is good on the mic, has wrestling ability and fans liked him before when he was actually wrestling in matches.

He is supposed to be hated as a heel, but once he was added to the Beautiful People, he hardly ever wrestled.

Why? He can, so why the heck not?

It is because TNA's writers do not know what they are doing half the time. They use old tired wrestlers out there, and while James is an older wrestler, he is still waaaayyyy more in shape and can go more than others.

It is stupid in my eyes to see a guy who has so much to give to the company he is in, and they refuse to use it.

I feel the WWE can use him the right way, they can use him in a way that he can be a good member to what ever roster he is on.

TNA does not know how to do that, which could be why they will never be at the level of the WWE. And why Gunn will come to the WWE if they stay interested in getting him?