Viktor Troicki's Tennis Meltdown Was a Breathtaking and Beautiful Masterpiece

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMay 16, 2013

Viktor Troicki had a slight difference of opinion with chair umpire Cedric Mourier, which led to the most beautiful mental breakdown I have ever seen. 

Beyond the Baseline on (h/t Big Lead) spotted a tirade even John McEnroe has to be a tad jealous of. 

It all goes down during Troicki's match against Ernests Gulbis Wednesday at the Italian Open. Troicki hit one long and lost the game to Gulbis—at least, that is how the umpire saw matters. 

As you can see, a slow saunter to the other side of the court for the 27-year-old Serbian player leads to a prolonged debate and eventual bedlam. 

I really feel like Troicki missed his calling, because he had me absolutely convinced that shot was inbounds. In fact, I am willing to believe pretty much anything this guy wants to sell me. 

The back-and-forth reaches its apogee when the frustrated athlete pleads, "There is no chance it’s out. From the space you can see it’s there!"

That's when the crowd—who until that moment sat in silence, as people tend to do when an awkward encounter ensues—gives a resounding applause for the impromptu comedian. 

Well, Troicki here is a prop comic and decides to get the cameraman in on the gag. As if the previous moments of shouting weren't enough entertainment, Troicki brings the man holding the camera to the spot so we could get visual confirmation. 

I couldn't really tell if it is in or not, but I welcome you to voice your opinions. Not that I need to actually see if there is any space between the line and the dirt, because Troicki sold me on it.

Troicki would lose the match (6-1, 6-1), but he certainly won a fan right here. 


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