2008 Major League Baseball Predictions: Part 7 of 7

John MeadusCorrespondent IApril 4, 2008

This is the last of my seven-part series of predictions on the upcoming MLB season. In this part of the series, I will give my playoff predictions and award winners for the year.


National League Rookie of the Year: Cincinnati Reds RHP Johnny Cuerto

This guy shows real promise on a below-average team.  He will put up good numbers in his first year and will be a cornerstone of the organization for years to come.


American League Rookie of the Year: Boston Red Sox RHP Clay Buchholz

After only pitching in four games last year, Clay looks to improve on last year's no-hitter and help the Red Sox back into the playoffs and possibly the World Series.


National League Manger of the Year: New York Mets Willie Randolph

After last year's epic collapse, the pressure is on Willie to win in New York this year, especially with new addition Johan.

Randolph will help lead the Mets back to a division crown, the playoffs, and a possible World Series appearance.


American League Manager of the Year: Seattle Mariners John McLaren

Sure, the Tigers, Red Sox, and Yankees will have better records, but that is expected.  The Mariners will sneak their way into the playoffs behind their pitching and their first-year manager.


National League Cy Young: New York Mets LHP Johan Santana

Santana has shown in the American League that he is worthy of winning Cy Young's.

This year he will prove himself in the National League, especially with at least eight starts against the Marlins and Nationals. He will be a big part of the Mets making their way into the playoffs.


American League Cy Young: Seattle Mariners RHP Felix Hernandez

With new starter Erik Bedard now as the ace of the staff, Felix Hernandez will not have all the pressure on him to perform and carry the team.

Without all the stress, the 21-year-old will have a career year. He will help lead the Mariners into the playoffs.


National League MVP: New York Mets 3B DavidWright

For the Mets, the past is past. Look for the line-up to come around and for Wright to be a big RBI man and have a career year in home runs. With plenty of protection in the line-up, Wright will see good pitches and lead the Mets to the playoffs.


American League MVP: New York Yankees SS Derek Jeter

Even with all the attention being put on A-Rod, Jeter was still a big reason the Yankees made the playoffs. After being snubbed more than once by not getting the award, this will be the year he finally gets it.


National League Wild Card Round

New York Mets 3, Arizona Diamondbacks 1

The Mets line-up will be too much for the worn-out arms of the D-Backs, and the Mets will advance to the next round.


Chicago Cubs 3, Philadelphia Phillies 2

The Cubbies have too much hitting and pitching for the Phillies to handle in the playoffs.


American League Wild Card Round

Boston Red Sox  3, Seattle Mariners 0

The Red Sox are just too strong for the young M's to handle this year.


New York Yankees 3, Detroit Tigers 2

The Yankees just have too good a line-up for the Tigers pitchers to deal with, and now with Hughes and Joba in the starting rotation at the end of the year they will be hard to beat.


National League Championship Series

New York Mets 4, Chicago Cubs 3

The Mets have the better bullpen in this match-up. Once playoff time comes, having a good bullpen becomes key, and that’s what will get the Mets into the World Series.


American League Championship Series

New York Yankees 4, Boston Red Sox 3

In yet another classic between the Sox and Yankees, this one will go down again to a game seven showdown with the Yankees get a clutch hit finally from A-Rod to win the game and the series.

World Series

New York Mets 4, New York Yankees 3

In part two of the “Subway Series,” the Mets will finally get the upper hand on the Yankees. They will use their better bullpen and speed to beat the powerful Yankees in seven games.


World Series MVPNew York Mets SS Jose Reyes

Reyes will provide a much-needed spark to their line-up by getting on base and into scoring position. He will create runs for the Mets and lead them to victory in the World Series Championship.


    Tanaka Bests Ohtani as Yankees Beat Angels

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    Tanaka Bests Ohtani as Yankees Beat Angels

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    Brewers Score 4 in 7th for Comeback Win vs. Mets

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    New York Mets

    Brewers Score 4 in 7th for Comeback Win vs. Mets

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    Philadelphia Phillies

    Happ Bests Former Team as Jays Top Phillies 5-3

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    Alex Colomé Arrives, Nick Vincent to DL, Taylor Motter DFA

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    Alex Colomé Arrives, Nick Vincent to DL, Taylor Motter DFA

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