Cornelius Washington: Video Highlights for Former Georgia DE

John Shea@real_johnsheaContributor IIIApril 26, 2013

Cornelius Washington: Video Highlights for Former Georgia DE

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    Former Georgia defensive end Cornelius Washington is a dynamic player who has the skill set necessary to become a successful pass-rusher in the NFL.

    Washington was a standout defensive lineman throughout his career in the highly touted SEC. He's currently projected to be selected in the fourth round of the impending draft, according to, and could potentially have an immediate, positive impact on his future team.

    His draft stock has steadily risen, aided by a solid showing at the annual scouting combine.

    This season's draft is heavily populated by top-tier pass-rushers, thus limiting Washington's overall value. Still, Washington has continuously exceeded expectations.

    It's possible that the former Georgia standout has been overlooked by draft gurus and pro scouts.

    The following slideshow is a breakdown of video highlights for Cornelius Washington: 

Cornelius Washington vs. LSU (2011)

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    Washington checks in at 6'4'' and 265 pounds. He has long arms to appropriately complement decent size, enabling him to swim around would-be blockers and reach the backfield before the opposition is able to develop a play.

    He showcases swift mobility off the edge in this play against LSU. Washington blows past his opponent with a quick first step from the point, exploding into the backfield to make the sack.

    His upper body strength is on display, dragging quarterback Zack Mettenberger to the ground. Washington is heavily reliant on speed burst ability, as opposed to sheer strength, to beat his opponent and pummel ball-carriers in the backfield.

    The senior pass-rusher has reportedly added more than 40 pounds of body mass since high school, according to Derek Stephens of

    His development, in terms of build and productivity, was steady throughout his collegiate career.

Cornelius Washington vs. Missouri (2012)

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    Washington sustains sufficient closing speed, generated from natural explosiveness off the line of scrimmage. He seldom succumbs to a block, relentlessly damaging pass-blocking schemes.

    He's been praised as a passionate football player, a feature on display through vehement game play.

    Washington flashes further speed burst ability during this play in a game against Missouri. He starts in an upright position, demonstrating versatility as a pass-rusher who can react off the edge, regardless of starting stance.

    He takes a suave, around-the-corner route to tackle the ball-carrier for a loss on an attempted direct snap. Washington blows straight past a would-be blocker to invade the backfield and force the tailback into a precarious situation with no room to run.

Cornelius Washington vs. Florida (2012)

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    Washington is a speed rusher who flashes quick, first-step acceleration from the edge.

    He hammers Florida quarterback Jeff Driskel on this play, showcasing prototypical tackling ability for a player of his size. He's not known for brute strength, but he's able to effectively crush the opposition when given the opportunity.

    The play featured on the slide serves as a standard example of effective pass-rushing technique. Washington forces his opponent off his block and into the backfield before finally reaching the quarterback, barely missing the sack.

    Washington can stand his ground and manhandle the opposition, regardless of supposed inferior strength.

Cornelius Washington vs. LSU (2011)

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    Washington is inadvertently flagged for a horse-collar penalty in this play, dragging former LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson to the turf. He displays relentless fortitude, though, chasing down an elusive QB on the run outside the pocket.

    Washington sustains premier speed for his position, but lacks a certain degree of discipline that could have prevented the penalty in the play featured on this slide.

    He could have avoided drawing the flag if he opted to target the quarterback's legs instead of his neck. This play showcases Washington's strong aptitude for hustle, but also reveals a minute flaw in his tackling technique.

    Washington is ultimately an aggressive player who bullies his opponent. He's exhausting to block because of his dynamic speed and has the ability to create havoc in the backfield, disabling plays from quickly developing.

Cornelius Washington vs. Buffalo (2012)

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    Washington demonstrates strong open-field tackling ability in this play against Buffalo.

    Tight end Alex Dennison runs a short in-route before making the catch in the middle of the field, where he's immediately met by Washington, who makes an effective—albeit forbidden—arm tackle.

    Washington showcases steady awareness in this play, easily reading the quarterback and steadfastly reacting in coverage. He has a strong ability to cover a ton of space, despite being touted as a pass-rushing specialist.

    He wears down the opposition, forcing them off their block. Washington has been critiqued as needing to play with a stronger aptitude for discipline. He's an instinctive player who sometimes ignores basic fundamentals, but needs to adjust his style of game play to develop into a successful pass-rusher in the NFL.