3 Reach Picks San Diego Chargers Absolutely Must Avoid in the 2013 NFL Draft

Ryan HeidrichCorrespondent IIMarch 28, 2013

3 Reach Picks San Diego Chargers Absolutely Must Avoid in the 2013 NFL Draft

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    Tom Telesco is having himself a decent offseason. He has navigated through free agency and is now shifting his focus to the 2013 NFL draft.

    In order to have a successful offseason, the Chargers will need to draft smart and well. This team has holes that need to be addressed such as offensive line, strong safety, inside linebacker and nose tackle.

    These issues will need to be addressed in the draft if this team wants to compete this year. In order to draft smartly Telesco and his regime will need to avoid reaching for picks. The Chargers need to draft players that resemble low-risk type of players due to the fact that they cannot afford to deal with another high-round bust this year.

    Here are three players that the Chargers cannot afford to reach to pick in the 2013 NFL draft. 

Star Lotulelei

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    The Chargers need to address their need at nose tackle but not in the first round with Star Lotulelei.

    The Chargers' awful offensive line needs to be addressed in the first round, likely with Lane Johnson. Although Lotulelei could come in and sure up the front seven right away, it just doesn’t make since for the Chargers to reach on his ability versus such a need that the offensive line has.

    This is an example of a pick that carries more risk than reward—passing on an offensive tackle such as Lane Johnson would be a huge mistake. Philip Rivers cannot survive another year with such poor protection.

    With Jared Gaither on his way out, the Chargers have a HUGE need at offensive tackle and no matter who is still on the board, the Chargers must address this issue in the first round. 

Tyrann Mathieu

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    The Chargers probably will add one more defensive back in the NFL draft, but after the signing of Derek Cox, the corner back position becomes less of a glaring need.

    Tyrann Mathieu is an interesting pick who could come in and help the Chargers on special teams, but he struggled in one-on-one coverage in college and his off-the-field problems do not help. He is most likely going to be picked above his value come the draft due to his athleticism, but the Chargers should not reach into the third or fourth round to select Mathieu.

    His value does not match up to the needs that the Chargers have and a draft pick that high should be spent on either an inside linebacker or an offensive lineman. Tom Telesco does not need to use one of his picks on a player that will most likely turn into a nickel back.

Chance Warmack

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    This is another example of a reach that would be similar to that of drafting Star Lotulelei. It fills a need but there could be talent later in the draft that will still help the Chargers.

    Chance Warmack is a great offensive guard who could arrive in San Diego and start from day one. However, passing on Warmack and selecting Lane Johnson would be a much better pick for the Chargers.

    Larry Warford is a guy whom the Chargers could grab in the second round that isn’t too far behind the talent level of Warmack. The Chargers could use their first-round pick on the tackle position and the second-round pick on Warford. This will go a long way in solidifying the offensive line, which is by far the biggest problem for the Chargers.

    According to Chargers.com’s mock draft tracker, three of their chosen experts have the Chargers selecting Warmack in the first round. Luckily for Charger fans, Tom Telesco is smarter than this and knows the value of drafting a tackle in the first round.