NCAA Brackets 2013: Sleeper Teams to Watch out for in March Madness Predictions

Dan TalintyreSenior Analyst IIMarch 6, 2013

LAWRENCE, KS - DECEMBER 15:  Kevin Young #40 of the Kansas Jayhawks fouls Ian Clark #21 of the Belmont Bruins while vying for a rebound during the game at Allen Fieldhouse on December 15, 2012 in Lawrence, Kansas.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The 2013 NCAA Tournament is coming closer with every passing day, and we eagerly await the start of college basketball's biggest tournament, March Madness.

As usual, talk of bracket predictions and teams to watch will dominate discussion surrounding the tournament, as we all seek to fill out the perfect bracket—something that always seems to come undone because of certain sleeper teams.

Don't make that mistake in your brackets this year by watching out for the potential under-the-radar teams that could end up ruining your bracket predictions.

Here are three sleeper teams to watch out for this year.


Belmont Bruins (24-6)

Any team in the nation that is in the top five in shooting percentage and the top 20 for points scored per game is definitely worth taking notice of.

Belmont is doing just that this year, with their .496 shooting percentage, which is an incredible reflection of the Bruins' skill and discipline in the open court. Senior Ian Clark is leading this team with 18.1 points per game with a staggering .543 shooting percentage, and he has been dominate in the process.

Belmont has lost just once at home since November and should be a tough competitor to watch out for in the first few rounds of March Madness. Their high-octane offense and scoring ability are simply too strong and powerful to consider otherwise.


North Carolina State Wolfpack (21-8)

Another team with a dominant offense that is perhaps flying a little low under the radar is the North Carolina State Wolfpack, a team also in the top five in shooting percentage and top 12 in points per game this season—two stats that translate well into March Madness.

Their little slip-up at the beginning of February seems to be behind them, and the Wolfpack are now honing in on performing well at the NCAA Tournament.

Much like they did last year when they made a strong run (before going down to Kansas), North Carolina State has the potential to cause some damage this year. Their 78 points per game and near .500 shooting percentage are tough to ignore.


Wisconsin Badgers (20-9 overall)

How is an AP Top-25 ranked team being touted as a potential sleeper to watch? Simply because no credit is being given to the Badgers in 2013.

Ranked a staggering 186th in points per game and 199th in field goal percentage, Wisconsin doesn't have the dynamic scoring ability and offense that other teams have and its cost them, both in terms of games this season as well as public perception.

Yet the Badgers have picked up some huge wins over top ranked teams in the recently, beating Indiana on the road, as well as Minnesota, Michigan and Ohio State at home.

If they drop to Michigan State in their next game, then this team will definitely be flying under the radar and a real team to watch heading into March Madness. And if they win, well then they'll definitely be a team to watch—having beat another top-25 opponent this season.


Which sleeper teams are you watching out for in March Madness 2013?

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