Latest Salary Cap Breakdown for the Indianapolis Colts

Kyle J. Rodriguez@@coltsauth_kyleCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2013

Latest Salary Cap Breakdown for the Indianapolis Colts

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    The Indianapolis Colts head into the 2013 offseason with something they haven't seen in a very long time: cap space. 

    With over $40 million dollars in reported space, the Colts should be one of the biggest spenders in 2013, a very new concept for Indianapolis. For years, the team has built through the draft, re-signing their own home run draft picks and picking up a few key veterans in free agency every year. 

    But with this much room, the Colts have no choice but to spend the money in 2013. Fortunately, the free agency crop looks to be one that may fit the Colts' roster quite well, with multiple options for linemen, defensive backs and wide receivers. 

    So where should the Colts look to fix first? One way to approach that question is by examining the current roster. The Colts have very few players getting paid big money in 2013, but there is a noticeable difference in different positions that should be addressed. 


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    Andrew Luck: $1,394,909

    Chandler Harnish: $480,000

    Total: $1,874,909


    The Colts could add a veteran quarterback to the roster as a backup for Luck, but I would not recommend it. Harnish looks like he could develop into a backup QB, and veteran backups too often are a poor investment, especially if you have a consistently healthy quarterback. 

Running Back

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    Donald Brown: $2.72 million

    Delone Carter: $661, 301

    Vick Ballard: $516,140

    Robert Hughes: $480,000

    Alvester Alexander: $480,000

    Davin Meggett: $405,000

    Total: $5,262,441


    Not all of these will be on the final roster, as guys like Alexander, Meggett and Hughes will likely be cut as training camp rolls around. Nevertheless, the Colts have little that needs to be addressed here, outside of possibly re-signing Deji Karim. 

    If the Colts are low on cash, cutting Donald Brown could be a possibility, which would save them about $1.7 million. But I would be in favor of keeping him around. The Ballard-Brown combination worked very well when the offensive line was performing, and a rookie or cheap free agent likely isn't going to be better. 

Wide Receiver

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    Reggie Wayne: $7.5 million

    T.Y. Hilton: $616,750 

    LaVon Brazill: $400,670

    Nathan Palmer: $480,000

    Griff Whalen: $405,500

    Jabin Sambrano: $405,000

    Total: $9,403,325


    I would guess that at least two of the bottom three receivers will be cut in training camp. The Colts absolutely need to add a second wide receiver at the very least.

    The Colts have the space to make a big level signing (i.e. the Dwayne Bowe level), which would leave them paying about $20 million for a position with two big-name contracts. That is more than reasonable.

Tight End

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    Coby Fleener: $1,213,082

    Dwayne Allen: $702,826

    Weslye Saunders: $555,000

    Dominique Jones: $480,000

    Total: $2,950,908


    The Colts are getting a bargain in the tight end position, with two very capable starters for under two million dollars. It's a perfect setup, and nothing needs to be done.

Offensive Tackles

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    Anthony Castonzo: $2,182,117

    Benjamin Ijalana: $1,103,317

    Justin Anderson: $480,000

    Lee Ziemba: $480,000

    Bradley Sowell: $480,000

    Total: $4,725,434


    The Colts don't have much sunk into this position, which traditionally can take up a pretty good chunk of space. Of course, if they are forced to start the season with two of these players starting, they won't be in good shape. 

    The team needs to sign a right tackle, with Anthony Castonzo a capable left tackle. They could sign a LT and move Castonzo over, but with more holes on the interior, I'd recommend against spending big money on a tackle. 

Interior Offensive Line

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    Samson Satele: $3,866,667

    Mike McGlynn: $1,725,000

    Robert T. Griffin: $405,000

    Total: $5,996,667


    Samson Satele is the most overpaid player on the team, but likely won't be moved. The Colts need to sign some guards (Joe Reitz, an exclusive free agent in 2013, likely will be back), including at least one starter. The draft is a very real option for this position as well. 

Defensive Line

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    Cory Redding: $4,391,667

    Brandon McKinney: $1,150,000

    Drake Nevis: $717,278

    Clifton Geathers: $630,000

    Kellen Heard: $630,000

    Ricardo Mathews: $540,000

    Josh Chapman: $533,878

    Lawrence Guy: $480,000

    Total: $9,072,823


    The Colts have a bunch of rotational guys at this position, with McKinney, Nevis and Mathews as solid contributors. Josh Chapman could be the future at nose tackle, but is a big question mark. The Colts need to sign or draft another guy with starting potential if the 3-4 defense is supposed take the next step, especially in run defense. 


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    Robert Mathis: $10,750,000

    Jerry Hughes: $1,926,250

    Pat Angerer: $882,500

    Kavell Conner: $641,309

    Scott Lutrus: $555,000

    Quinton Spears: $480,000

    Justin Hickman: $480,000

    Mario Harvey: $480,000

    Jerrell Freeman: $465,000

    Jake Killeen: $405,000

    Monte Simmons: $405,000

    Shawn Loiseau: $405,000

    Total: $17,875,059


    The spot has a big total currently, with Mathis' contract taking up over $10 million in cap space in 2013. But that doesn't mean that they can't sign another big contract at the position. 

    Anthony Spencer would be a perfect addition to the defense, but is going to command a big payday. Personally, I think his presence against the run and pass would make it more than worth it. 


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    Vontae Davis: $1,136,250

    Sergio Brown: $630,000

    Marshay Green: $480,000

    Teddy Williams: $480,000

    Total: $2,726,250


    Just looking at this list should make it painfully clear how the Colts need help at corner. Nobody, except Davis, is anyone Colts fans should be excited to see on the field. 

    The Colts could re-sign a guy like Darius Butler for a nickel/dime role, but still need at least one signing for the starting lineup. The Colts certainly could get a young guy in the draft, but free agency is pretty chock full of potential starters. 


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    Antoine Bethea: $5,750,000

    Tom Zbikowski: $1,937,000

    Joe Lefeged: $557,667

    Larry Asante: $555,000

    Delano Howell: $480,000

    Total: $9,279,667


    The Colts absolutely need a starter to replace Tom Zbikowski, but may not want to spend top dollar when other positions are in more need of big signings. So, the draft will definitely be a possibility for safety, with guys like Jonathan Cyprien available. 

Special Teams

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    K Adam Vinatieri: $3,400,000

    LS Matt Overton: $480,000

    Total: $3,880,000


    I've said time and time again that Pat McAfee is the top priority for re-signings this offseason. He's well-loved in Indianapolis, is a very good punter and is in his prime. 

    If the Colts really need cash, Adam Vinatieri is a possible cut target, being one of the worst kickers in the league in 2012. He still has his clutch gene, but was inconsistent from all distances. If he is cut, the Colts could look for an undrafted free agent, or look for a cheap free agent to start.