Roger Federer Doesn't Need Another Grand Slam to Cement Legacy

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Roger Federer Doesn't Need Another Grand Slam to Cement Legacy
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Roger Federer might be the greatest tennis player of all time, but he could struggle to win another Grand Slam title. Regardless of whether he wins another Grand Slam or not, he will leave with the legacy of being the best player to play the game. 

The dominance of Novak Djokovic and the emergence of Andy Murray will make it tough for the 31-year-old Federer to get back to his winning ways. Djokovic has a stranglehold on the top spot in men's tennis and doesn't seem close to giving up that title anytime soon. 

Murray seems to have emerged as the clear runner-up to Djokovic at the top of the tennis pyramid. Those two have seemingly taken steps above Federer and the injured Rafael Nadal.

If you believe Federer, he'll be around a while. After losing to Andy Murray in the semifinals of the Australian Open, he expressed in his post-match interview the thought that his age wasn't yet a factor (h/t

Nothing has changed. I've played these guys, what, 60 times? The three guys around me in the rankings. So we know each other really well. We play each other very close very often. Keep on trading wins and losses.

I go from here with a good feeling for the year. I didn't play a tournament leading in, so now obviously I know where my level is at. Also knowing I have even more time to work on my game, work on my fitness this year, it's something I'm excited about.

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While Federer is still claiming that he's there, it's hard to imagine anybody beating Djokovic with the way that he is playing. The physical fitness level is something that the 31-year-old Federer will definitely struggle to match. 

Federer's best shot at winning a Grand Slam this year is likely Wimbledon. He's the reigning champion and has won the tournament seven times in his career. The grass seems to suit him well against the top competition.

If Federer is unable to win another title, he leaves the game with a resume unmatched. He's won 17 Grand Slam titles—seven at Wimbledon, five at the U.S. Open, four at the Australian Open and one at the French Open. 

He also has six World Tour Final wins and a silver medal to his name. 

The dominance that Federer showed from 2005 to 2010 will be hard for any player to match. He owned tennis during the time, as he appeared in 18 of 19 finals during one stretch. His streak of 33 Grand Slam semifinals might be the most impressive record that he holds. 

There is no shame in getting outplayed by younger players in their prime. The future of tennis is taking over, and it'll be hard to watch Federer struggle as he gets further and further away from Djokovic and Murray. While this is the case, Federer and his fans can find solace in his unbelievable legacy. 

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