WWE's 25 Best Big Man Matches of All Time

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WWE's 25 Best Big Man Matches of All Time
Photo from WWE.com.

WWE's rings have rattled from the weight of behemoths battling and some of these wars between big-men wrestlers have been some of the company’s best.

In these matches, fans don't expect to see wristlocks transitioned into arm bars or dives off the apron, but instead power meeting power, size against size.

Much of the appeal is the visual spectacle of seeing men of unimaginable girth facing off. It's like seeing a mammoth vs. a T. Rex, Godzilla vs. Megalon.

These battles of living mountains will be ranked by how memorable the matches were, the intrigue-level of the story told and the excitement of the action.

To no one's surprise, it is a list dominated by Kane, Undertaker and Big Show, three of the best and most prolific giants in WWE history.

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