Bernard Tomic's Girlfriend: Pictures of Australian Star's Lady Chelsey Grbcic

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 18, 2013

Photo Credit: India Times
Photo Credit: India Times

Bernard Tomic is making it 2-for-2 as far as years that he captivated the Australian Open stands with the lovely lady he had in the audience. 

The newest gal by the 20-year-old's side is Chelsey Grbcic, and Big Lead Sports has a bit more information on the woman who has the world talking. 

Grbic is a former Miss Croatia Gold Coast as well as a current law student. As if brains and beauty weren't enough, she is also something of an athlete, and was the captain of her school's rowing team. 

The Herald Sun broke news that Tomic was dating the 20-year-old, going so far as to say the two crazy kids are, "smitten."

Ms Grbcic, who was the captain of her Somerset College rowing team in 2009 and school house captain in 2010, has been a coach at Gold Coast Gymnastics Club.

She was in the running for the Gold Coast Knights soccer club's Miss Croatia title last year and also has been seen on the arms of elite The Southport School boys as their formal dates in recent years.

It sounds like Tomic has quite the catch because those who know her relayed, "She's a lovely girl, very smart, well respected and pretty switched on."

Some might remember that Tomic came to the Aussie last year with then-21-year-old model, Donay Meijer. A report at the time issued said she put her modeling on hold while she worked her way through school towards a pharmacy degree. 

In March of last year, she and Tomic split amid some tumult as The Herald Sun puts it.

At some point recently, he began dating yet another beautiful woman, proving this young man is winning on and off the court. 

Tomic has the lofty duty of playing Roger Federer in the third round of the Australian Open. If it helps him any, he will have an amazing woman supporting him along the way. 

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