A Fond Farewell And a Final Thought To You "Rasslin" Fans

Matt BinksCorrespondent IMarch 31, 2009

I have recently had the bug to write again. Unfortunately (as I am fantastic.... just kidding) I do not know enough about wrestling to be able to contribute in this particular community. I am sticking to football, something I feel I know enough about to write decent articles.

I have also recently had somebody asking me if I have been accused of being him.....A comment which quite frankly scared me to death, but also amused me greatly.

A combination of the above two factors, has led to the decision that I will no longer be a frequent commenter in this community.

But before I leave I would like to offer my two pence worth, on what is a thriving little community.

First of all the good.....

There are without doubt some absolutely fantastic articles and writers on here.

JLB. You are superb. I read a lot of things on a lot of topics and I haven't come across many things that can equal the passion your articles have. You obviously love what you write about and this shines through.

There are other writers that I can mention, Shane, Ron, Mina etc etc are all good solid writers that have kept me entertained and informed.

There is also a fantastic little series of fantasy wrestling, where Raw and Smackdown etc are re-written. These are a little far-fetched at times sure, but that is what we like to see!

To all the above people, Keep up the good work please!

Now to the bad........

There is someone on this site that calls themselves "The Hitman" (??) There is someone on this site that calls themselves "The future" (I actually like your work, so please don't be offended). There is someone on this site who even calls himself "Bleacher reports resident superstar". There are biographies on people's profiles that include signature quotes.....

Is this really neccesary for credible writers?

The reasons why I like and dislike wrestling are the exact same reasons why I like and dislike the wrestling community...

I like it when two wrestlers produce entertaining and athletic matches. Stuff they do in the ring is incredible sometimes. This I would associate with the good articles on here. The strong ones, the opinion based ones,  the ones that tell me something I didn't know.

On the other hand, there are moments in wrestling that make me reach for the remote. These are things like a little dude dressed like a leprechaun, or a man eating worms. These moments I associate with all the crap articles on here. The endless breaking news shit, the daily pain in the ass that is the rumor mill.

If you want to read these spoilers go to a site that deals with them! Why the f*ck would you want to spoil it for yourself anyway!?

Stick to writing good informative articles, and this community will grow. Not only that, it will start to gain respect. Your POTD articles will increase as will your ratings.

At the end of the day no-one is ever going to truly respect an article written by somebody who gives HIMSELF a nickname.

Not even Eagle death Machine.

I bid you all a fond farewell.