NASCAR'S a Sport? The Comment I Most Offen Hear

Amanda BradeenCorrespondent IMarch 30, 2009

BRISTOL, TN - MARCH 22:  A general view of the track during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway on March 22, 2009 in Bristol, Tennessee.  (Photo by Jerry Markland/Getty Images for NASCAR)

As a 18-year-old woman, I am a huge NASCAR and Dale Earnhardt Jr fan. It's no surprise.  I flaunt it any chance I get. Unfortunately, not many people in my town are fans.

I often hear from almost everyone at my college, "How can you even say NASCAR is a sport?" Excuse me, how dare you diss the sport I know and love.

NASCAR drivers have the ability to lose ten pounds of fluid in the matter of a three hour race. That is very similar to the amount of fluid a football player can lose in a three hour practice.

The skill and amount of planning put into one race is similar or even more than more famous sports such as Football, Baseball and Basketball.

It takes a team to win a championship in NASCAR. Guess what?  It takes a team to win the Superbowl as well.

It doesn't look like a physical sport, but trying to control a 3,400 lb car, going 200 mph,  and make sure it doesn't crash, while 42 other cars are trying to pass you using any means nesscary. Yeah!  I would say that takes a lot of physical stamina.

Many of these drivers workout on a regular basis. Carl Edwards, who has been on the cover of Men's Health, has been deemed the most athletic driver in the sport. He enjoys running, mountain biking and many other outdoor activities to keep in shape! 

This sport is hardcore and fast paced.

It makes hearts race and drop in the matter of a lap.

It is a sport. No matter what the non-fans say.

You can tell a NASCAR fan whatever you want, but I guarantee you we will prove you wrong!!!!