Cena Will Never Be "The Great One"

Donny QuickContributor IMarch 29, 2009

The Rock or John Cena?

A question always brought up during any wrestling conversation. We've seen so many great rivalries over the years, but this one would be top five.

The Rock is quite possibly the best performer of all-time. Great promos, and unreal athleticism, this third generation superstar was one of the greats.

John Cena, "The Champ", is a great performer all around as well. Physical strength and incredible speed make him dangerous in the ring, as well as his mic skills outside the ring.

We all know this match is wishful thinking, due to The Rock's success in Hollywood. This all but eliminates the possibility of a one-on-one match.

Now, I'm going to turn completely 180 on this subject. We all know that The Great One is very successful in the movie industry; not to mention that he was very successful in the ring as well.

John Cena looks past these facts though, saying he is unloyal to the company and doesn't recognize where he came from.

Now let me get this straight, Cena says that he does not respect The Rock because he's doing movies, and has moved on from WWE.

What, per say, is Cena doing?

That's right, making movies!

Cena has made not only "The Marine", but "12 Rounds" as well; and he is slated for even more movies to come. It seems to me that he's doing exactly the same thing that he criticizes The Rock for doing.

Cena says he will not do the same thing as Mr. Johnson, which is leave the company to make movies.

He has "to much love for the business", so he says.

I believe this is completely ridiculous, because what do you think is going to happen when John is fed up with getting beat up and touring all the time?

Oh ya, making movies!

The Rock didn't turn his back on the company, he just excelled and thought to himself, "Hey, wait a minute, I can make more money and not get hurt in movies? Wow, I'm definitely doing that instead!"

So criticize The Rock all you want, be just like Cena and say he's wrong for doing what he's doing, but what makes you think you wouldn't do the exact same thing given the opportunity?

Sorry John, but there's only one "Great One"...in the ring and on the big screen.

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