The 5 Most Expendable Members of the Pittsburgh Penguins

Ryan Tactac@@ryan_tactacContributor IIIDecember 27, 2012

The 5 Most Expendable Members of the Pittsburgh Penguins

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    There is no such thing as a secure job.  Working hard may help with maintaining a job, but hard work isn't always enough.

    A simple change in company strategy or the rise of a young, talented coworker could lead to one's swift departure. 

    This concept holds true in all professions including that of an NHL player.  Each team holds expendable players, including the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Steve MacIntyre

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    The acquisition of Steve MacIntyre met me with much surprise when it first happened. 

    Why did the Penguins need an enforcer when coach Dan Bylsma doesn't seem to buy into the whole enforcer idea?  Fast forward a year and I'm asking the same question. 

    In 12 games with the Pens, he has accumulated zero points to go along with six PIMS. 

    Those look like the stats of an expendable player to me.

Tanner Glass

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    Tanner Glass was brought on to the Penguins to serve the role of a grinder.  The problem is that the Penguins already have plenty of equally talented grinders who are already acquainted with the Pens system, are younger, and come at a lower cost. 

    Examples include the versatile Dustin Jeffrey and the tenacious Joe Vitale

    The Pens have no need for Tanner Glass, thereby making him expendable.

Ben Lovejoy

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    Ben Lovejoy was hoped by many to develop into a solid top-four defenseman; however, it just hasn't happened. 

    Lovejoy has been slow in his development and hasn't even been a mainstay at the bottom defensive pairing. 

    The rise of talented prospects Simon Despres and Joe Morrow make Ben Lovejoy an expendable piece to this Penguin team.

Eric Tangradi

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    Eric Tangradi was thought to become the power forward the Penguins have been lacking for quite some time; however, he has failed in settling into that role. 

    He lacks the physicality and defensive tenacity demanded by Dan Bylsma as well as a scoring touch. 

    In 40 games with the Penguins Tangradi has accumulated five total points.  Those don't seem like appropriate numbers for a talented power-forward. 

    Tangradi is most certainly an expendable player.

Paul Martin

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    Paul Martin's signing with the Penguins drew mixed reactions from the NHL community.  Some figured he would be a great asset, while others were baffled by the signing. 

    Those who were baffled appear to have been correct in their prediction as to how Martin would perform as a Penguin. 

    Martin has accumulated 51 points in 150 games with the Penguins while playing mediocre defense for a majority of the time.  His defensive struggles were key to the Flyers success against the Pens during the 2012 playoffs. 

    Although he has shown flashes of greatness and has much experience, Paul Martin simply has not proven that he is worth 5 million dollars per season and a roster spot on a team loaded with young defensive talent.


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